If you lost your whole sneaker collection tomorrow, where would you start again? Would you buy up the exact pairs, or take a clean-slate approach? While you grapple with that conundrum, we thought it’d be worth putting forward five categories to make sure you’ve got to hand. 

The High Top Option

Coming from over 100 years of sportswear design, high top sneakers have now taken on a complete life of their own off the court. From Converse Chuck Taylors to Nike’s Air Jordan 1, you’d be hard pressed to find an option that doesn’t fit into your dress sense, and with a century of wear backing them up, it’s not likely you’ll be getting bored of the style any time soon. 

In cold months and warm ones, a high top sneaker should sit firmly in your rotation. 

The Daily Driver

This should be your go-to shoe for when you need something foolproof. A tried-and-tested sneaker that you know fits into your personal style, that will be able to take you through your day and isn’t going to necessarily need replacing every year or so. Something with enough longevity that when the time comes to re-buy, it’s there for you. 

A Nike Air Force 1 is a good example here. It’s ubiquitous enough to be able to reliably get a replacement pair (or have multiples going at once), but is iconic enough that you won’t feel like you’ve abandoned your sense of style by opting for something subtle.  

The Low Top Classic

We’ve seen the adidas Samba trend really take over in the last year, and with good reason. Thanks to their relative accessibility and variety in terms of design details, low top trainers, like the Samba and similar styles, are an incredibly versatile sneaker option that can fit into lots of different aesthetics. From the endless colourway options of a Nike Dunk, to minimal adidas offerings, you’ll be able to find a low top sneaker that works well for you no matter whether your style leans more casual and vibrant or minimal and luxury.

The Comfort Choice

This is where your New Balance 2002Rs, Nike Air Max 90s and Yeezys come in. A pair of sneakers that have that extra bit of comfort for when you need it. The trend of ultra-chunky sneakers may be waning, but there’s absolutely no reason to turn away fully from the heftier soled classics. Whether you’re on your feet all day, or just want something with a bit more impact than a low top, these styles with a bigger midsole design should be your go-to. 

The Personal Favourite

We’ve all got one. It could be the niche release of a collaboration that initially got you into sneakers, or it could be something as classic and timeless as the Air Jordan 4, the fact is we should all have a pair of sneakers that are just a personal love. Trends will come and go, silhouettes inevitably fall in and out of fashion and certain styles might fall out of favour for the masses, but there’s nothing wrong with sticking beside a shoe that speaks to your sense of style or has some sentimental connection to when you first found them. So, boldly step out in a pair that might not be to everyone’s tastes, double down on why you love that pair of Bart Simpson Nike SB Dunks and make a sneaker collection that reflects who you are and what you like, not what everyone else thinks you should be into.