Quiet Luxury (or Stealth Wealth), is a phrase you’ve probably seen popping up all year long. Stemming from the explosive popularity of shows like HBO’s Succession, the term refers to an approach to dressing that places more importance on fit, fabrication, and subtlety, than on statements, logos and bold designs. The idea being that the more considered and refined your clothing choices are, the more luxurious you will look and feel. 

This trend shows little sign of slowing down, so we thought we’d take a moment to help navigate the ways in which you can bring a bit of quiet luxury into your day-to-day dressing. 

Keep Your Palette Clean

A stand out signifier of the quiet luxury trend is a pared-back and neutral palette. This approach to dressing isn’t the place for bold, bright colours or loud prints (hint’s in the name) – instead easily worn tones of beige, grey and navy are the building blocks for your looks, with deeper rich tones of green and brown included to give some contrast. We suggest taking this same approach for your footwear too, keep the sneakers versatile and neutral, and branding on the more minimal side. A pair of trending adidas Samba are all that’s needed to round off a minimalist outfit. General release pairs are a great go-to, but for a real subtly elevated option, look to the more low-key collaborative pairs from partnerships like Wales Bonner

Stick to The Classics

Long term wearability is the name of the game when it comes to ‘stealth wealth’, the kind of clothes and footwear that you can wear for years without feeling dated. Ironically, the key to the quiet luxury trend is staying away from trending styles and opting for items that stand the test of time. Think a Burberry mac, or a luxurious cashmere sweater from a brand like The Row – these have been pieces of clothing that have been worn for decades, and will be worn for decades to come. Outside of footwear choices like leather loafers or boots, take the same approach with your sneaker rotation. While new releases are enticing, sticking by the models that brands have been releasing for years will put you in a better stead for staying on the quiet side of style. Think New Balance 990v3 or 991 (and the many tasteful collaborations thereof), as opposed to newer silhouettes like the 9060

Give Logos a Wide Berth

A low-key palette isn’t the only thing to bear in mind, the prevalence of logos and over-branded items in your wardrobe should be kept to a minimum. Logos and branded clothes are, by design, loud luxury — they show anyone looking your way that you’ve spent x amount of money on this specific T-shirt or pair of shoes. The key to keeping your luxury quiet is to make the brands you’re wearing less immediately discernible. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t allow yourself a swoosh or two in your footwear choices, but instead of a bright contrasting one, find an option that keeps a consistent tone with the rest of the sneaker, and with your overall look.