Nike’s creative projects

Nike like to make a habit of drawing from the communities they are attempting to represent. Notably enlisting the help previously of some of the brightest designers from around the world on a varying array of projects, including but not limited to the likes of the Nike On Air competition. There we saw some of the best designs in recent years conceived in numerous countries, spanning several continents. This frequent collaboration with up and coming designers, as well as established creatives like Jerry Lorenzo, is what has allowed Nike to continually produce thought provoking, diverse, and ultimately coveted footwear. Now, we take a look at the Nike “NYC By You” Collection, which has just launched by far one of their most ambitious projects to date.

Nike “NYC by you” Collection

What the Nike “NYC By You” Collection is attempting to achieve, is by enlisting the help of no less than 28 designers and creatives based in New York City, is to celebrate the energy and the inspiration that comes from the city. The parameters of the project are centred around the re-imagining of three silhouettes from the Nike catalogue; The Air Max 270 React, Air Max 200 and React Element 55. The designers behind the 28 shoes had almost full creative license once they picked one of the three silhouettes to use. Opting to express a wide variety of themes, cultures and messages through a project which has only been made available for a limited time, in limited quantities, and most interestingly, made to order.

Nike NYC by you

Highlights of the collection

This collection is really full to the brim with interesting ideas, positive messaging and everything you’d expect from a Nike collection in 2019. The Nike “NYC By You” collection aims to inspire and explore, drawing from each contributor’s personality and heritage. For instance, Sharon Marrero’s “Los Sures” draws from the culture of Brooklyn’s native residents, Roselyn Grullon’s “718” honours the attitude and struggle epitomised by Bronx’s born-and-raised and Qu’ality Samuels’ “The Lunch Specials” is a nod to New York’s ever-present Chinese restaurants.

Several silhouettes represent the struggles of overcoming mental health, including Anna Lin’s “Ascend Above”. While Peter Johnson’s “Balanced Diet,” Amara Ramdhanny’s “Isle of Spice” and the “B2 FERA” are all homages to immigrants. Some designers drew from their own tastes and output to create their silhouettes. Like Julio Colon’s minimalist “The MP,” Justin Gilzene’s “CLUB BUM” and “Adaptors”. Designed by one of Drake’s wardrobe assistants, Lauren Ferreira. The entire pack maintains distinction by way of thoughtful colour schemes that juxtapose bright blues, yellows, oranges and reds against touches of muted white, brown and black, ensuring that each shoe maintains a level of distinction.

The entire Nike “NYC By You” pack is available in made-to-order quantities on Nike’s online trainers site until September 2.