Nike’s newest hybrid storming 2019

You’d think when you have two things that are successful, putting them together would naturally only bring more success. Well whereas this isn’t always the case, Nike have for some time now made a habit of making some of these ideas work. The idea of combining two existing styles or technologies is one that was proven in application on the Nike Air Max VaporMax Plus. A shoe that took the TN we all know and love, and gave it a VaporMax sole unit to great effect. This was a start, but Nike wanted to bring their methodology forward into 2019. The concept is simple, the difficulty really is finding components that mesh together. The two elements Nike chose to experiment with stand as two of their most successful in 2019. The 270 Air Unit from the Air Max 270 and the React Foam from the Nike React Element 87. Creating the newly released Nike Air Max 270 React.

Combining two iconic features to great effect

What the Nike Air Max 270 React represents in 2019 is progress. Proving Nikes ongoing drive to expand, evolve and ultimately improve their Air Max lineage. The Air Max 270 became Nikes first shoe designed specifically for all-day comfort, rather than sports performance. Championing its record breaking 32mm high Max Air Unit, it was heralded for its technical innovation, greater impact absorption, and trampoline-like effect.

Around the same time the Nike React Element 87 was emerging as a front runner for shoe of the year; a shoe not part of the Air Max lineage, which instead used pressure-map-testing to develop a geometric midsole design to best optimise support in areas that experience the most fatigue, while also deploying React Foam on the interior to help provide extra comfort with every step.

Air Max 270 React

What Nike wanted to do was infuse its Air Max 270 with some of that React magic. Merging the two in the hope that it would result in a smooth transition from heel to forefoot. Their theory was solid, and in application we can report that the Nike Air Max 270 React certainly delivers. Achieving the bounce of a 270 Max Air Unit and the cushioning of React foam. Using 270 degrees of exposed Air Unit on the Heel as a shock absorber for every step. While the React Foam in the ball of the foot allows for improved cushioning and a pillow-like softness on impact.

Nike Air Max 270 React aesthetic inspriation

Blending modern art with traditional footwear style motifs, the Nike Air Max 270 React achieves an aesthetic that is truly unique across its vibrant selection of colourways. Drawing inspiration from radiating levels of colours and textures found in various art movements over the last 100+ years, with each colourway lending itself to a specific style of art. Their flagship colourways the Bauhaus pay homage to the early 20th century art movement of the same name. While the supporting colourways in the range include nods to Impressionism, Psychedelic, Mid-Century, American Modern and Optical Art.

In terms of material, the upper consists of multi-layered no-sew materials that balance and complement each other. With versatility in mind, the traditional tongue is paired with a speed lacing system to combine lifestyle with performance needs for the most satisfying all round finish. Some of the colourways have even adopted a similar translucent upper effect made popular by the Nike React Element 87, allowing the aesthetic of the shoe to change dependent on the sock worn to accompany them. A feature which has become incredibly prominent in modern times.

Each of the colourways for the Nike Air Max 270 React are incredibly well designed, and meticulously thought out. Making this new model one of the most refined releases of 2019 so far from Nike. One can only hope they lean towards quality over quantity with this model. Learning from the perceived downfall of models like the Air Max 720 which flooded the market far too readily. A range of 5 or 6 colours done well is all the choice a customer should need for a shoe in its infancy. As soon as the colourways stop telling stories and start being just colours is when the anticipations for each drop begins to wane.

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