If you’ve been lucky enough to find yourself the owner of your newest favourite pair of sneakers this Christmas, you might be asking yourself, how do I keep these looking this good? Fear not. Here’s some advice that might come in handy. 

Clean Regularly

Stating the obvious? Maybe, but important nonetheless. Cleaning your sneakers as a matter of habit and not necessity is something that you should try and include in your 2024 resolutions. It’s easy to wait until the buildup of dirt on your shoes becomes too noticeable to ignore, but regular cleaning will help make sure that dirt doesn’t set into the panelling or stitching and keep your sneakers in your rotation for longer. 

Keep a Rotation Going

I know it’s tempting to reduce your regular rotation to that newest pair that you’ve been waiting for, but giving them a regular rest will pay dividends in the end. Not only does a day or so of rest mean you’re not likely to wear your sneakers out as quickly thanks to giving the sole a break, and let your shoes regain their shape, but it also allows your sneakers to remain on the fresher end of things odour wise. The insoles can dry out quicker and reduce the risk of becoming a health hazard. 

Store Them Properly

Don’t leave your sneakers piled in the hallways. Not only is it not a great look for visiting guests, but it also will mean your favourite shoes could become squashed under the weight of your collection. Proper shoe storage doesn’t have to be the most pristine perspex boxes (although, that is always a good idea) — a good shoe wrack, some shoe trees (wooden ones will above moisture more effectively) and keep out of direct sunlight or heat and you’r shoes will last a lot longer. 

Know Your Materials

Caring for a pair of leather sneakers requires different products than suede, which require different products to mesh and so on. Knowing the difference between the materials used in your sneakers and what those materials need in terms of cleaning and protection is vital, along with which conditions are appropriate for which materials. For example, unless you get some good protection spray on a pair of suede shoes, we’d advice against wearing them out on drizzly days, as rain can leave spot stains on the soft brushed material than can be very hard to remove. 

Lace Your Shoes Carefully

In general, not unlacing your shoes when you’re taking them off is not a great idea. The action will be putting a lot of stress onto the upper of your sneakers and the laces themselves. Even worse is not unlacing your sneakers when putting them on and stepping  on the heel is a surefire way to cut the life of your shoes short. 

Regularly replacing or cleaning your laces (especially white ones) is also a bit of cheat to make your sneakers look newer for longer as laces tend to be the quickest part of your shoes to show discolouration and wear. 

Invest in Quality Insoles

Sticking with the insoles that come with your sneakers is absolutely fine to do, but if you want your pair of favourite new sneakers to stand the test of time a bit longer, investing in some higher quality insoles that will provide not only added cushioning, but can offer additional benefits like moisture wicking. Replacing these insoles every few months will also give you these benefits over an extended period.