Our guide to attaining that coveted pair

Kanye West’s Yeezy brand is one of the most coveted on the market. Ever since Ye started making shoes with Adidas the level of excitement surrounding virtually every drop has been almost unparalleled. In 2019 it would be very difficult to argue against the impact the Yeezy brand has had on the entirety of the footwear market. With their products helping to, for better or worse, redefine the way shoes are bought and sold. Putting an added emphasis particularly on how to buy Yeezys themselves.

Since the very first Yeezys were released the business model has remained relatively unchanged. Consistently making sure that demand outweighs supply. Thus furthering the allure of their product. Of course with this comes pros and cons which essentially spawn from the same place for the consumer. When you have more customers than a product, not everyone gets a pair. That means, however, if you know how to get a pair you feel all the better for it. So here is our guide to exactly that.

The early bird catches the worm

The most important thing to understand about releases. Is the overwhelming majority of them are going to sell out. Most of which sell out on release day. The most popular of which sell out within minutes. So the most useful bit of advice I could give you when answering the question ‘How to buy Yeezys’ is getting yourself online early. Usually, the most commonly used place to buy Yeezys is the Adidas website. The issue with this is the Three Stripes traditionally deploys a waiting system on their page. Whereby you are let on to the product page randomly. So I really would recommend logging on to the site as early as possible. Just imagine you are waiting outside a store, only in the comfort of your own home. The earlier you get there the more likely you are going to be at the front of the queue…in theory.

This obviously works even more so as a tip as Yeezys traditionally drop early in the morning, depending on your time zone. It’s always important to do your research beforehand so you are crystal clear on when the Yeezy in question is dropping because they are often subject to change. I would say it is always good to follow accounts like Yeezy Mafia etc. As well as Adidas itself on Twitter and Instagram. That way you won’t miss any update.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Notably even before you start essentially queuing online I would 100% recommend preparing correctly. It is of the utmost importance to make sure you have signed up and created an account with whatever site you may be using. I would also recommend using PayPal where ever possible when trying to attain a product on release day. This is because as soon as you are let onto the product page you want to get the item in your basket, and through the checkout as quickly as possible. So if you already have an account set up, and an accompanying PayPal holding your relevant card information it makes it a much smoother process. Just don’t forget your password!

The one further caveat to accompany this tip is to make sure you are well aware of your size going into this process. You won’t get a second chance at securing your Yeezy on release day. Making it all the more essential to get this information right. Yeezys typically fit snug so I would definitely say you’d want to go half a size up, but if you know anyone who has a pair of Yeezys and is the same size as you, ask to try them on. Alternatively, you can check out our complete size guide.

Shop around

Adidas might be the most common place you find yourself on release day. However, it isn’t the only option, and sometimes shopping around is the best way to find success. Retailers that usually drop Yeezys other than Adidas include Yeezy Supply, Foot Locker and END to name a few. While these sites are always good. Our top tip would be to look in less high profile places. Retailers like Selfridges and Mr Porter almost always drop the product on release day but are less well known. The most important thing to do is to look around beforehand, do your research. I would say the niche the better that way it maximises your chances of getting onto the product page and through the checkout.

Buy yourself a Bot

The darker side of an online release is often one people who talk about how to buy Yeezys don’t want to mention. I would be doing you a disservice, however, if I didn’t mention Bots. Now in the context that we are concerned with, Bots are computer programmes which can be built or purchased that allow you to essentially get through the checkout process a lot quicker than is usually possible. Great right. The only issue being Bots are not only complicated to run, but also expensive. While retailers try there utmost to prevent you from using them. Done right, however, and they are the fastest way to get through a site, even if they are a bit unethical.

Win yourself a Raffle

Alternatively, if you have no intention of waiting in queues or stressing about dealing with loading screens and splash pages. You can enter one of the many raffles which afford you the opportunity to purchase a pair of Yeezys at retail price without the panic of the few minutes after a release. You can enter these through many of the same retailers as if you were queuing, only ahead of time. All you have to do is put in your card details and if you win, the money comes out automatically and the shoes are sent to you. Raffles are luck of the draw but winning one is definitely a legitimate way of getting your hands on a pair at retail minus the stress.

Buying Yeezys on the resale market

Of course, even if you follow all the tips there is still a possibility you will be unsuccessful. A reality that fans of the brand are all too familiar with, and for those people, there is the resale market. Also known as the secondary market this is where individuals who attain the products are able to sell them to someone who still desires them well after release day for an increased price. Something that some people make a full-time occupation out of. Trading Yeezys like stocks that increase in value over time.