How to clean your Yeezys

I think we are all in acknowledgement of the fact that Yeezys aren’t cheap. Not only are they not cheap but in a lot of cases they are tough to obtain, regardless of price due to their high demand. So naturally, if you manage to get your hands on a pair you will be wanting to keep them in as close to mint condition as is humanly possible by knowing exactly how to clean your Yeezys while still getting the pleasure of wearing them on anywhere from an occasional to a regular basis.

The thought of any type of stain, scuff or blemish is enough to give any Yeezy fanatic some serious PSTD. Fear not though, with the right tools, and the knowledge I am about to bestow upon you there is no reason why you can’t keep your Yeezys as clean as the day they left the box – no matter how much stress you put them under.

There are unsurprisingly as many methods for cleaning Yeezys as there are Yeezys on the market. Obviously, as with everything, some ways are more effective than others. When you trawl the internet searching for tips and tricks on how to achieve that perfectly clean crep. You stumble across everything from old wives tales, sound scientific methodology and well-established practice. I’m not one to tell you what is right and what is wrong; but here is my rundown of what, in my mind, are some of the best ways to clean your Yeezys. Methods I’d 100% use myself and be safe in the knowledge that I’m not doing more harm than good.

How to clean them by hand

The first method I am going to talk to you about is very much in the DIY department. All you’re going to need is some lukewarm water with a little elbow grease. To 1 part water, pour 2 parts white vinegar into a bowl and mix the solution together with a spoon. Once you’ve got your cleaning solution mixed up – which if you prefer you can replace with a shop bought shoe cleaner, like Crep Protect, for example – is remove the laces and insole from the desired pair and use a hard bristled brush which has been dipped in the cleaning solution to start scrubbing the sole. The sole is usually going to be the dirtiest part of the shoe for obvious reasons. So don’t be afraid to be vigorous when scrubbing as the sole is also the most durable part of your Yeezy.

Key to success with this technique is to make sure you generously apply the solution to your cleaning tool frequently to ensure that you aren’t just rubbing the dirt into your crep. Also, make sure you avoid the knitting and stitching of your Yeezy model with the brush. This is to ensure none of the material becomes frayed or damaged. For the upper of your Yeezy, make sure you swap out your hard bristled brush for a soft bristled one. As naturally, the Primeknit upper of your Yeezy is less durable than the Boost midsole. Put your hand inside your shoe to anchor it and prevent creasing. Finally make sure you don’t scrub the inside or allow any water to get inside the shoe, and then air dry once satisfied.

How to clean them in a washing machine

Alternatively, if you want a more hands-off approach to cleaning your Yeezys. What you need to do is similar to the first method; remove the laces and insole from your crep, but this time instead of rolling up your sleeves, just go and get yourself an old pillowcase – well… two old pillowcases – one per shoe not one per pair. Place your Yeezys inside your pillowcases and put them in your washing machine, crucially on a very low temperature (30 degrees or lower). Use a small amount of cleaning detergent. About half of what you would use on a typical small load in your washing machine. Once the wash cycle is over make sure you air dry your Yeezys and as if by magic they will be as clean as the day they were unboxed.

So there you have it, two foolproof methods for restoring your Yeezys to their former glory. For much more on everything Yeezy and everything else related to online trainers make sure you keep it Laced where you can buy and sell trainers today.