Not many shoes can claim the kind of comeback that UGGs are going through right now — if you’re thinking about getting involved in this comeback yourself and need a little guidance on where to start, look no further. 

UGGs have found their way from the beaches of California through the 2000’s and now firmly onto the feet of your favourite tastemakers. With releases of contemporary styles like the Tasman mule silhouette and classic iconic models like the Mini Boot leading the charge in the resurgence of the brand into popularity. 

With so many of us coming to buy into the brand for the first time, working out how UGGs fit compared to our favourite sneaker brands can be tricky. 

How should my UGGs fit? 

Rule of thumb tends to be that your UGGs should be snug to your foot. You don’t want them to be slipping away at your heel, as the shoes themselves have no fastening function, they rely on a tighter fit to remain on your foot. 

Wanting a more snug fit doesn’t mean sizing down, as UGGs factor in the required tighter fit into their standard sizing. We’d recommend sticking true to size when purchasing any pair  UGG shoes, as this tightness will loosen over time (as is the case with most tighter fitting shoes) — if you’re totally unsure of your true shoe size, opting for looking at the Japanese sizing is always the best course of action, as it follows a centimetre measurement which can be more accurate and consistent across brands, as the sizing parameters won’t really change. 

How should I care for my UGGs? 

UGG shoes are made from high quality, premium suede and sheepskin, which are obviously two materials that require upkeep to maintain looking as fresh as possible and to increase the lifespan of your shoes. Luckily, the suede used in classic UGG shoes are water-resistant, and pretreated meaning they don’t require any initial protection and will hold up against the odd shower or splash fairly robustly. 

If you start to feel that your UGGs need an added level of protection, the brand offers a spray that only requires 24 hours before to dry and then gives your suede a new barrier against the elements.