When is the Yeezy Quantum Basketball coming out?

No exact date has been put on the release of the Yeezy Quantum Basketball. If reports are anything to go on, however, we should see it sometime this Summer. The model has been teased for sometime; appearing on the feet of both Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, with it being in expected development for quite some time now. So to suggest an official release isn’t far away, isn’t shocking to hear. How readily available this product will be is still unclear and with this being Kanye West’s first court ready model for a while it should be in high demand when it does eventually release.

What does the new model look like?

This high top silhouette features a jagged print graphic which I think almost looks Zebra colourway-esque. Which sits behind a wavy 3M striped accent. A feature which has already reportedly meant that this shoe has been banned from the NBA. Due to the highly reflective nature of the shoe. That would interfere with lights and flash photography. Additional features include a semi-translucent midsole and ankle support.

What else to expect from Yeezy for the rest of 2019?

Yeezy have already come in pretty strong in 2019. With what seems like an expansion of pretty much every product line either already happened or happening. Fans of the Yeezy 700 are definitely enjoying 2019 so far, but there is more on the horizon. Alongside the Yeezy Quantum Basketball which is inbound. News of a pair of other new silhouettes, the Yeezy 451 and the Yeezy Scuba are also touted to make waves in the second half of 2019. What is evidently clear is that Kanye West isn’t running out of ideas anytime soon, and his competitors are going to struggle to keep up.

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