Ye’s attempts at breaking into the world of basketball sneakers got off to a rough start but now it seems the QNTM is finally establishing a foothold in the market and cementing its place amongst the likes of Nike’s iconic Michael Jordan basketball shoes.

Admittedly a lot of the early hurdles were of a self-made nature; design choices that included a fluorescent, reflective material made the shoe illegal for use on an actual NBA court and Ye, forever the creative, refused to compromise on his design selection.

The YEEZY QNTM “Ophanim” will be the third colourway for YEEZY’s basketball silhouette. This new look features an olive marl Primeknit upper that has an underlying dark grey and aquamarine blue pattern delving throughout. Unlike the last colourway, the “Barium” the “Ophanim” doesn’t include the rubber outer cage that added extra aesthetic to the previous colourway. This time the Primeknit is left to do the talking all by itself.

The “Ophanim” also features a black toe cap in suede, which is actually a featured shared with the “Barium”. The rear portion of the ankle, the laces and the tongue are all also given a blackout aesthetic to help offset the Primeknit colour scheme. The shoe also includes a big 3M hit at the rear.

We expect this new look to feel much different from the previous QNTM due to the lack of the transparent overlay. By relying on the Primeknit alone, this shoe is expected to fit more like a 350 – a comfortable fitting sockliner atop a cushioning midsole.

The YEEZY QNTM “Ophanim” will be releasing in September with a price tag of around £190. Head over to Laced’s online trainers’ platform after release date for the best prices on the resale market. You can buy and sell YEEZY trainers easily when you use Laced.