Completing the new capsule of early 2020 releases, the “Zyon” colourway drops after the release of the “Tail Light” and “Desert Sage” looks.

The new look has only just crawled its way out of the rumour stage and we’ve been treated to some sneak peeks of the new look in concept art as well as some photos of the shoes that have found their way onto Instagram. Nothing has been seen of on-foot shots of the new 350 yet, but we can get a good idea of how they’re going to look as the style lifts heavily from past colourways like the “Yeshaya” and the “Yecheil”.

The Yeezy 350 V2 “Zyon” is an almost inverted version of the “Yecheil” look. This time, instead of a dark colour scheme they’ve gone for a cleaner, white base that verges more towards cream than the clean white. The Primeknit upper is peppered throughout with a maroon/brown hue that gives a bit of a salt and pepper look. The alteral side striping leans more to the darker side in a black hue which some describe as an inverted Oreo aesthetic.

The midsole is decked out in an off-white and obviously contains the iconic adidas Boost technology. The outsole is the ribbed gum cover we come to expect of the 350 V2.

The “Zyon” looks like a return to the more earthy tones of last years colourways and lacks the orange glow ups that the “Tail Light” and “Desert Sage” had.

It’s a unique look, however, and many will be out to cop a pair on release date. The exact date has not been revealed yet but they are expected to be the flagship Spring drop which will land around the end of May.

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