Yeezy Boost 700

Arriving in mid-2017 on the feet of Kanye himself just as the aptly named “Dad Shoe” trend exploded onto the scene. The Yeezy 700 has since achieved market leading status in the still very popular chunky shoe game. Part of their planned ’90s inspired resurgence, Adidas and West have collaborated on eleven colourways, spanning two iterations of the model (as of September 2019), with a reported three more on the horizon. When it comes to Yeezy 700 releases, they almost always dominate the competition, with healthy doses of style, and comfort.

Yeezy 700 Wave Runner

Yeezy 700 Releases

Launched to the public in November 2017 following a debut earlier in the year as part of the Yeezy Season 5 runway show. The ‘OG’ has been able to maintain its status as the gold standard among all Yeezy 700 releases. We aren’t sure if it’s the shoes originator status or bold looks; uncharacteristic of the usual earthy and pastel tones Kanye West had previously leaned on, that makes this shoe an icon. All we know is that the Wave Runner is as good in 2019 as it was in 2017.

Yeezy 700 Mauve

Building on the success of the Wave Runner and apply a more familiar touch aesthetically to what we are used to seeing from West. The Mauve colourway that dropped not long after the OG in November 2017 brings a subtle blend of brown, grey and purple. More than adequately living up to the ‘Mauve’ billing. Which while to the untrained eye might be seen as an aesthetic down grade on the Wave Runner, it is actually quite the opposite. As the devil is in the detail; with neon green flecks on the midsole and a retro gum finish to the outer sole. Pretty much universally ensuring that this design will have everyone double taking.

Yeezy 700 v2 Static

Yeezy 700 Releases

Part of Kanye Wests brilliance comes from the way he adapts his own ideas. Just as the Yeezy 350 evolved over time, in December 2018 a whole year and a bit on from the silhouettes debut. We were braced with a modernist adaptation of the Yeezy 700. The Yeezy 700 v2 Static channeled metallic elements, and a slightly updated paneling system to contrast the ’90s inspired look of the v1. With a futuristic almost space age alternative in the v2.

Yeezy 700 Salt

Yeezy 700 Releases

More in keeping with the majority of the stylings from Wests already well established Yeezy 350 catalogue. The Yeezy 700 Salt that launched in February 2019 garners the same monochromatic light grey finish. That is present on the Yeezy 500 model of the same name. While achieving a design which many consider to be much more traditionally in keeping with the rest of the Yeezy product line. Subtle and sublime.

Yeezy 700 Inertia

Headlining the Yeezy Season 8 lineup released in March 2019. West pivoted back to his original Yeezy silhouette to offer up another flavour for his fans to enjoy. Considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing colourways in the 700 portfolio. The Inertia dressed in greyish blue hues will stick in the memory specifically for the mango hits that offer contrast on the shoes midsole.

Yeezy 700 v2 Geode

Yeezy 700 Releases

Kanye West’s second colourway for the v2 variation of his very own dad shoe brought buckets of his signature earthy tones and muted energy in equal measure. Named Geode derived from a Greek word simply meaning “Earth Like”. You can immediately identify the reasoning behind the label. Although one of the more under appreciated colourways from the portfolio as a whole. The Geode definitely holds some appeal, perhaps as an alternative to its closest relative the Yeezy 700 Mauve.

The Analog

April 2019 saw a unfortunate drop off in intrigue in comparison to other comparable Yeezy 700 releases. Coinciding with the launch of the Yeezy 700 Analog which failed to move the needle as successfully as perhaps was expected of it. Dressed in an off white colour palette. It is hard not to ponder the potential influence from one of the greatest retro all whites of all time, from Adidas’ long term competitor Reebok. Unquestionably, the Analog is the Workout Reebok of the Yeezy 700 world.

The Vanta

Vantablack is the darkest substance known, absorbing up to 99.96% of visible light. In June 2019 Yeezy decided to adopt a portion of that title to help portray their brand new triple black Yeezy 700 v2. The Vanta colourway remains as one of the most highly regarded and hyper coveted designs the series and seen. Stealth Bomber-esq looks somehow silences this chunky silhouettes otherwise loud visuals.

The Tephra

Yeezy 700 Releases

Tephra is a word given to describe rock fragments and particles ejected by a volcanic eruption. For the purposes of this product. Kanye West is the volcano in question, and this new design is one of the red hot pieces of “rock” that are shooting out from his ongoing creative eruption. Landing in June 2019 the Tephra colourway conveys elements of the previously released, Geode, Analog, and Salt colourways from earlier in 2019. While arranging them in a fashion which puts this positions design as one as the most unique available.

Yeezy 700 Utility Black

Following the success of the Vanta colourway, West applied the same triple black treatment to his original Yeezy 700 silhouette. A homage to his Yeezy 500 of the same name, it made its first appearance once again in June 2019. Proving to be a very lucratice month for West. Additionally equipped with a old school gum sole for further retro appeal.

Yeezy 700 Magnet

Yeezy 700 Releases

September 2019 brings us up to date with the newly releases Yeezy 700 Magnet. Taking us almost full circle with a midsole that is unquestionably inspired by the now near two year old Wave Runner that started it all. While continuing the nostalgia with a gum style sole. Which has recently become a welcome and popular signature within West’s design language. All of which is ultimately overshadowed by the upper. Which looks all the more luxurious and premium on this models multiple grey hues.