When are we likely to see the Yeezy 500 High?

The trio of numbered Yeezys; the 350, 500 and 700 are without question the most popular contributors for the brand as a whole. With all three of them getting considerable roster expansions so far in 2019 and a number of colourways dropping for each of them. Yet it appears Kanye West isn’t entirely content with the silhouettes available to him. So just like as he as done previously with the 350 and 700 models he looks to release a new adaptation of the Yeezy 500. Only instead of landing on a “v2” variation, he instead has conceived a Yeezy 500 High. Touted for a release sometime in Autumn/ Winter 2019 and suspected to retail at £185. Little is known about the official date, but perennial brand insider Yeezy Mafia has already dropped imagery of the silhouette via Instagram.

Inside the design

The reworked high-top model is a rather seamless extension of the current 500 silhouette. As the signature overlays reach a new apex via an added lace eyelet and extending the upper over the ankle in a more high top court shoe style. While the soft nylon underlay that billows out through the cut-out frame lends to loose comparison to the Air Jordan 7. The model showcased on the Yeezy Mafia Instagram appears dressed in a dark navy and black. Which is offset by a solid bone white adiPrene outsole.

Yeezy 500 High

Possible inspirations for the model

It isn’t uncommon for new designs in the trainer world to be inspired by previous designs. That isn’t to say new ideas aren’t formed on their own. Some designers take notes from images from their youth, nostalgic tones, or other inspirations in order to create something new. As previously mentioned there are elements of the Air Jordan 7 in the Yeezy 500 High. Which could potentially be coincidental, or subconscious from Kanye West during the design process. As well as many fans who have already commented on the similarities between the new silhouette and the Reebok Shaq Attaq silhouette.

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