When is the Yeezy 500 Bone White reportedly dropping?

We don’t know much about the exact release date for the Yeezy 500 Bone White, with the only information about the drop being leaked via perpetual fountain of Yeezy knowledge, Yeezy Mafia. According to them, this new colourway for the Yeezy will be dropping in August. Arriving in a full variety of family sizings.

What does the colourway look like?

The Bone White continues the tonal dressing style, utilized by all the previous colourways that have braced the Yeezy 500. Featuring a mesh and suede upper done in an off white tone. Similarities can definitely be made with this and the Yeezy 700 Analog in appearance. The differences obviously come in the form of the sculpted white adiPRENE midsole paired with a gum rubber outsole. With this gum rummer outsole more akin to another rumoured design, the Yeezy 700 Utility Black.

Could this spark a revival for the Yeezy 500 silhouette?

If the rumours are correct about this reported new addition. It will mark the long awaited follow up to the Yeezy 500 Salt that dropped in November 2018. What this means for the silhouette on the whole is unclear at this point. The general consensus used to be that the 500 would be discontinued with the launch of the 700. So, the fact that it is being revisited along side a number of Yeezy 700 colourways being released is very positive.

Whether or not this is going to be a release in isolation or part of a wider expansion is difficult to predict. One thing we do know is that Kanye West seems to be delivering on variety at the moment. With a large number of new colourways dropping for both the 350 and 700 already in 2019. So, don’t be surprised if the 500 follows this pattern in the second half of the year.

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