Things went a little quiet on the Yeezy front lately – perhaps unsurprising given Kanye West has been facing some more difficulties in his personal life that have culminated in his wife Kim Kardashian filing for divorce.

But in recent weeks Yeezy fans have been given a reason to get excited again, with the long-awaited arrival of the Yeezy Boost 350 V3 rumoured to be close, along with a few new V2 colourways to boot.

And now there’s another reason to be cheery – if you’re a lover of the more avant-garde Yeezy productions, that is. That reason is the Yeezy 450 is finally set to land on our shelves in early March, and official imagery confirms it’s every bit as wacky as we thought it’d be.

The experimental shoe utilises the traditional knit-composed sockliner upper seen of most Yeezy styles, although the minimalist approach means it comes in a monochromatic white with matching laces. Underneath is where things start to get interesting, as the cotton upper combines with a bone-like midsole that surrounds the upper like a set of gnarly teeth – hopefully it’s a little more comfortable than it looks!

The Yeezy 450 is set to arrive sometime next month, with March 4th put forward as a tentative release date. Although some Yeezys haven’t generated as much fanfare as they used to, expect this one to prove popular as it’s creating quite the storm online, with sneakerheads split on the silhouette’s futuristic, off-the-wall aesthetic.

That means if you aren’t fast, you’ll probably be last so make sure you’re ready to pounce when they eventually drop to avoid disappointment. As ever, they’ll go on sale with select retailers and some of those will involve raffles, although you should check with them to see how they’ll be releasing the shoe. In the event you’re unsuccessful, you can be sure we have you covered as we’ll most certainly have the 450 in stock post-release.

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