Were you one of the 14,000 patients that podiatrists tended to within the last year? Or do you suffer from foot-related concerns such as Plantar Fasciitis or Supination? Have you heard how amazing New Balance sneakers are for supporting your feet?

That’s right! In today’s blog, we are going to be explaining why New Balances are as good as Podiatrists say. So, keep reading on to learn more about what sneakers are best for you.

New Balance sneakers have been the IT shoe to own for the last year or two. The brand resurfaced its nostalgic fame when the ‘Dad Shoe’ look became popular; it all escalated from there.

With celebrities like Taylor Swift and Blake Lively rocking these sneakers out and about, they influenced fans across the globe to join in on the hype. It’s great because not only do they look super cool with any outfit, the sneakers also do wonders for your foot’s arch support.

There are thousands of podiatrists that recommend New Balance sneakers for a variety of reasons, read below:

  • Maintains your feet in a neutral position during movement.
  • Lightweight sneaker design.
  • Fashionable yet comfortable.
  • Prevents issues such as overpronation or supination.
  • Alleviates foot pain and discomfort brought on by conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and Arthritis.

Arch support is vital, this is because without that support, you can run the risk of foot pain, ankle pain, leg/knee pain, and back pain. One mistake by choosing an uncomfortable sneaker can cause irritating levels of fatigue through discomfort.

Sneakers should be an investment, make sure to do some research or ask for a professional’s opinion, this way you are choosing a design that works best for your body in the long run. Whether you are using the shoes for active purposes or just for style, New Balance sneakers are one of the top-rated options to buy if you are unsure what to go for.

Since launching their brand back in 1906, they have provided millions of customers with endless comfort and timeless style.

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