Michael Jordan’s signature sneaker has seen countless incarnations since the Air Jordan 1 initially debuted in 1985. So much so, that in 2023, attempting to explore the breadth and depth of the brands’ catalogue of releases is more akin to scouring a giant library than scrolling a retailer’s online products page. The Jordan brand has seen a continual stream of additions to its collection of available styles since the first Jordan dropped, and the brand has deviated from the original formula in every conceivable manner since its initial release. A feature of the brand that many argue has been key to what has enabled it to stay not just relevant, but market-leading, after a remarkable near-40 years in the business. Which is why, whether you want to know how much Jordans cost? or where to buy Air Jordan 4s? An induction into some of the brands more signature styles is often appropriate to order to narrow the search considerably.

To plot the timeline of releases that has gradually populated such an impressive collection, there has been 37 core silhouettes put on sale since the AJ1 debuted in 1985. With the most recent being the Air Jordan 37 which launched in 2022, and with the AJ38 in the pipeline for August 2023, the brand has shown no signs of slowing down. For customers, the choice doesn’t of course stop at shape, as each silhouette boasts its own catalogue of available options, from colourway to collaboration which has made the prospect of choosing a shoe, particularly for the uninitiated, a daunting and often intimidating task. That being said, few in todays world go looking for shoes blind, particularly if we are talking Jordans, and despite the abundance of variety, some styles over the years have gained a great deal more popularity that others for one reason or another.

One shoe in particular that fits that bill and has continually captivated fans and skeptics alike since is initial release way back in 1989 is the Air Jordan 4. Few shoes have been able to sustain success as well as the Jordan 4s have, and the model is really only second to the OG AJ1 in regard to the consistency of its appeal. A huge part of what has enabled the AJ4 to make such a lasting impression both within hoop culture and on the broader streetwear scene has been the way the shoe has been marketed over the years, both deliberately, and less so. The Air Jordan 4 was designed by Nike legend Tinker Hatfield, a man who definitely knows a thing or two about transcendent designs, as the mind responsible for both the Air Max 1 and the Air Max 90, among countless other successful shoes. What Hatfield achieved remains today as one of the most recognisable, and memorable iterations of Michael Jordans signature sneaker.

As aesthetically pleasing as the shoe might be, and as good as the tech was for the time period in which it was released, often, to really stick in the minds of sneakerheads and casuals alike, a shoe needs to evoke some emotion. As normally is the case, it was Michael Jordan himself who really engrained the AJ4 in the mind of the fans of the Jordan brand, and basketball more broadly, and he did so through his on court performance. During the 1988-89 season in which the shoe first featured on feet, MJ recorded his best statistical season, averaging 32.5 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists per game, but it was one shot, during the 1989 playoffs that truly cemented the AJ4 eternally in the minds of so many hoop fanatics. The shot in question, a Game 5 game winner over Craig Ehlo against the Cleveland Cavaliers has has gone down in NBA history and the black Air Jordan IV featured in a supporting role and instantly had fans wanting to know where to buy Air Jordan 4s.

It wasn’t just on the hardwood that the Jordan 4 was showing up in a big way. It also found itself in the same year gracing the big screen in another supporting role that sure stuck in the memory of so many. Die hard New York Knicks fan, and A-list director Spike Lee decided to include a scene in his now classic film ‘Do the Right Thing’ which featured a pair of Air Jordan 4 White Cement being warn by Giancarlo Esposito (who is best known as Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad), in his role as Buggin’ Out in the movie. With the infamous scene centred around the pair in question being scuffed by a cyclist leading to a hilarious altercation. A moment that has since been immortalised by the brand itself with a themed release in 2017 further immortalising that incredible on screen moment.

air jordan 4 thunder (2023)

Since 1989, the appeal of Jordan 4 trainers as previously mentioned has only intensified, and the appearances of the Jordan 4 in popular culture has only continued, most recently with the shoe featuring in the chorus to the smash hit song Clash by Dave ft. Stormzy. Additionally, the rise of the Air Jordan Retro craze in the late 90s acted as a springboard that catapulted the more heritage Jordan models from earlier in the brands history back into the limelight through a series of rereleases. This trend that has become a staple of the brand, and the footwear scene more generally has made the Air Jordan 4 more assessible, but as is the case with most sneakers in todays market, demand often outweighs supply. If you are looking for a heavily desirable shoe the resale market is likely the place to go in order to find the pair you want. Laced is one of the UKs leading trainer resale platforms, and it has a huge selection of AJ4s in a multitude of available sizes, so if you want to know where to buy Air Jordan 4s? Look no further than there. On sale today are some of the Air Jordan 4s most iconic collaborations. In its 30 year history, the AJ4 has seen its silhouette form the base for industry shakers like Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and Travis Scott create their own take on the shoe, as well as the like of Eminem, KAWS, Cahartt and dutch street wear brand Patta also creating successful versions of the shoe.

If you are keen to read more about the Air Jordan 4, and have a look at the ever expanding catalogue of styles that have braced its silhouette, check out Laced, and if you want to keep up to date on new releases, sneaker news, and other stuff like this, head over to our blog.