West gives DJ Khaled unreleased Yeezy 700 v3 model

DJ Khaled is known in the trainer world for his ties to Nike and Air Jordan. This didn’t stop him sharing a video recently of him receiving an unreleased pair of Yeezys from Kanye West. In the video West gifts DJ Khaled Yeezy, that of which we haven’t seen before. According to Yeezy Mafia the shoes are an updated version of the Yeezy 700 v3. Which we have previously seen teased first back in 2018. Although this pair appeared to have gone through some quite interesting changes to its design. With some notable design similarities with the Yeezy Quantum Basketball being recognised. As well as a cage reminiscent of the lattice design found on the newly teased Yeezy Foam Runner aka the Yeezy croc.

The pair connected on an airport tarmac and as the video highlights. The shoes in question were being worn by Kanye West before the two met. Leaving Kanye West in sock feet on the runway. DJ Khalid honoured quite literally with an on-foot exclusive.


New Yeezy silhouettes inbound

The recent Forbes interview did a good job of showcasing just how many variations of silhouettes, and branch ideas go into every release. A lot of those of course never see the light of day. Not to say they are any less loved by Kanye West himself. Meaning that he has often been seen wearing pairs that don’t always find themselves onto the shelves. So at this time, it is unclear whether or not this version of the Yeezy 700 v3 is going to be available to the public.

All we do know is Kanye West has a lot on the horizon when it comes to new silhouettes. We have already seen and heard a lot about the inbound Yeezy Quantum Basketball. As well as teasers for the Yeezy Foam Runner (Croc), Yeezy Scuba and Yeezy 350 v3. The timeline for all of these is still unknown, but it definitely shows the progress West is making not to diversify colours but shapes in his collection also.

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