A key trend of the 2010s, the classic UGG Boots became a stylish staple for every collection after being worn by many popular public figures. The demand for UGG Boots eventually died down and meant that the Australian brand faded into the background of the footwear industry. That is until various trendy celebrities reintroduced the suede shoes into mainstream fashion. Big names like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber were hugely responsible for the sudden demand for UGGs, with paparazzi pictures of the iconic influencers having gone viral for their shoes of choice.

Alongside the UGG Tasman slippers and Bailey Bow silhouette, the UGG Classic Ultra Minis in particular was the model that became the most sought-after in 2021. Crafted with UGG’s signature sheepskin lining and lightweight sole, the Ultra Mini Boots presented an even lower cut take on the brand’s Classic Short Boot model. This half-size silhouette features a lower shaft height in comparison with UGG’s OG boot design which also allows for an easier on and off.

The Ultra Mini UGG Boots are still set to be in-demand for seasons to come thanks to their stylish versatility and unique look. When it comes to choosing the correct size it can be tricky because of the Boots’ slip-on construction, so selecting the right size for you is crucial. Unlike with majority of popular sneaker designs, this UGG model doesn’t have a way to adjust the fit of the shoe which can make it difficult to settle on a size. If you’re struggling to pick the perfect size for yourself or whoever you’re buying these in-trend UGGs for, then this detailed size guide will tell you everything you need to know to help you make that all-important decision.

The UGG Classic Ultra Mini Size Guide

If you always hesitate when you go to checkout with a pair of on-trend UGG Classic Ultra Minis in your basket in case the size is wrong then this guide will give you all the information you need.

Much like a lot of other UGG Boot designs, it’s suggested that the Ultra Mini Boots are to be worn without socks thanks to their heat-regulating abilities which can make the sizing a bit trickier. This mixed with the shoe’s thick fleece lining means that it’s sometimes recommended that you opt for the next size up. Also, if you have particularly wide feet then it can often be best to go for the next half size or full size up.

Reading through a range of customer reviews is also a great way to gain more information on UGG Boot sizing as a lot of people share their opinions on the fit of the shoes in these sections. Asking friends and family who own a pair of Ultra Mini UGGs is a great way to get even more trustworthy advice before you commit to buying them for yourself or someone else.

To ensure that you manage to order the right size, be sure to follow a size guide or chart as these will give you the most accurate comparisons and conversions to inform you best. Whether you’re buying your first pair of UGGS or you’re an avid collector, UGG’s rich history is another reason as to why their low-cut boot has skyrocketed in popularity in the past couple of years.

UGG: A Brief History

Founded in 1978 in America by Australian surfer Brian Smith, UGG Boots were originally made to keep surfers warm after early-morning sessions in the water. Smith also loved the sheepskin fabric and wanted to share the unique material with the world.

Within almost no time at all, UGGs become a staple within Southern Californian beach culture and were pictured on well-known celebrities, such as Pamela Anderson, on the set of popular TV series Baywatch. Later claimed by the realm of fashion in the 2000s, UGG has since extended its range of products to include clothing, accessories and even homeware.

Driven by comfort, UGGs are now a symbol of relaxed styling and provide the starting point for many laid-back looks. Many ‘dupes’ of the most-popular UGG Boots circulate the market and are a statement of just how in-demand the brand’s stand-out designs are, yet none compare to the high-quality materials that UGG itself uses.

How To Style The UGG Classic Ultra Minis

Despite the low-cut UGG’s minimal design, it can be hard to know how to style them with items that you already have in your wardrobe.

Wearing the UGG Classic Mini II with your favourite loungewear set is the perfect way to showcase the UGGs’ minimalistic look. Popular colourways like the iconic Chestnut pair provide a neutral colour scheme which means that you can wear the boots with a wide range of hues – from neon to neutral.

Pairing your UGG Ultra Minis with an oversized T-shirt and leggings instantly creates a casual outfit that’s ideal for anything from running errands to going shopping for the day. Elevate this outfit with your most-loved jacket and understated accessories and you’ll be ready to take on the day.

Wearing UGGs with more formal apparel has become a trend within mainstream fashion within the last year, with many influencers choosing to wear their Ultra Mini UGGs with pieces from baggy jeans to suit trousers. Contrasting fashion has become a common theme among recent trends and has now transformed the low-cut UGG into a high-end must-have. To achieve this look, try pairing your Ultra Mini Boots with a loose-fitting suit set and tone the look down with plain T-shirt as well as a casual bag.

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boots: Top Picks

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot Chestnut Womens

Boasting one of the brand’s most sought-after colourways, the beige-toned UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot Chestnut Womens is a coveted collection staple. Crafted with UGG’s toasty shearling lining, the shoe is detailed with minimal touches of branding and also features a rear pull tab. UGGPlush cushioning delivers comfort, while the treadlite outsole provides effective grip on a wide range of terrains.

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform Goat

Offering an elevated take on the original Ultra Mini UGGs, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform Goat will go with any of your everyday looks. Featuring UGG’s signature twinface sheepskin and suede makeup, these platform boots also have a cushioned insole for added comfort. Complete with a pull tab, add the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform Goat to your collection now.

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot Leather Black Womens

An understated pair that you can wear all year round, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot Leather Black Womens is the next pair to demand a spot in your rotation. Made from leather instead of the brand’s usual soft suede, this all-black UGG Boot is perfect for rainy days thanks to its waterproof upper. The ideal winter boots, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot Leather Black Womens will never let you down.

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Burnt Cedar Womens

Dressed in a deep brown colourway, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Burnt Cedar Womens showcases UGG’s definitive exposed seam detailing and understated branding. Pre-treated with a water-repellent coating, its suede upper takes on a deep chocolate hue and is detailed with UGG’s branded heel patch and a rear pull tab.

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot Antilope

Taking on an earthy colour scheme, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot Antilope can be styled with any day-to-day outfits. UGG’s signature sheepskin lining delivers on both warmth and comfort, while the Treadlite sole provides effective grip on a wide range of terrains. Made to match almost everything in your wardrobe, refresh your rotation with the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot Antilope.

How Do I Clean The UGG Ultra Mini Boots?

When it comes to cleaning Ultra Mini Ankle Boot, it’s important to ensure that you’re not using any products that may damage the materials that the shoes are crafted from.

If you’re wanting to clean the brand’s classic suede boots, using a specialised suede brush is a great way to brush off any dried mud or other dirt that may have landed on its upper. Once you have worked the debris out of the shoe’s upper, try to brush the suede in a single direction can help to keep the boots looking as good as new.

For more in-depth cleaning, using a soft sponge, warm water and even a small amount of gentle dish soap can be an easy way to remove any dirt from the boots without harming the structure of the shoe. Once cleaned, let your UGGs air dry in a cool and dry spot for the best results. Don’t leave your UGG Boots in direct sunlight when drying as this can cause the colour to fade and could also possible shrink them because of the natural materials used to make them.

Using a pre-made suede cleaner is also a great way to restore the condition of the UGG Ultra Minis. Once you’ve got your hands on the suede cleaner, make sure to follow the instructions of the specific product as different brands will require different methods of use. Using a protective spray made for suede is also a good idea when it comes to making sure that your boots are kept in a good condition.

During the process of cleaning your UGGs, filling your boots with paper towel is a good way to ensure that they maintain their distinctive round shape. Using newspaper or balled-up socks can also deliver the same results as using paper towel when it comes to this step.

If you’re wanting to deodorise your UGGs, you can do this by pouring baking soda directly into the shoes and leaving it to sit overnight. Once this has been done, shake out the excess powder before wearing again.

For oil stains, using either chalk or baby powder works well at drawing the substance out of the UGG’s soft upper. Work the chalk or powder into the stain and then leave it to sit overnight. Once it has been left on the upper for at least 12 hours, brush away the excess with a shoe brush and repeat the process a couple more times over if the stain can still be seen.

If the stains or marks that may appear on your UGGs don’t seem to be getting any better, taking the boots to a professional shoe cleaner can be the best option if every home remedy hasn’t helped.

Ultra Mini UGG Size Guide: The Summary

Whether you’re treating yourself to your first pair of the on-trend Ultra Mini UGG Boots or you’re looking to buy for that someone special, this in-depth size guide has all the information that you need to know. From ensuring that you end up purchasing the size that will provide the perfect fit to offering useful advice for every UGG owner, this guide is packed with insightful information.