If you are an active member of the sneaker community, it has been virtually impossible to avoid Travis Scott’s releases. Scott has become one of the most polarising figures within the industry, with the ability to make any sneaker instantly hyped simply by wearing a pair. Don’t get me wrong. The Nike Dunk revolution was happening before Scott’s involvement in wearing the silhouette, but watching pairs triple in price once Cactus Jack wore them shows his influence within the industry. 

His legacy thus far has been short but oh so sweet. Each project teased puts the entire world on notice. Whether it is super collaborations between Fragment Designs or McDonald’s, everyone is locked in to see what happens. It is not often you find a crossover superstar that delivers with each project they are involved with, but the people cannot get enough of Travis Scott.

We take a look at the legacy so far and what we believe could be coming in the not too distant future.  

Travis Scott Laced

Where did it all begin?

Travis Scott was born in Houston, Texas and is incredibly proud of this. Everything Scott produces has deep roots to his hometown throughout. Travis Scott’s first sneaker release was the collaboration with Jordan Brand on the Air Jordan 4. The silhouette’s design drew clear inspiration from the team Travis Scott supported as a child, the Houston Oilers. Unfortunately, the Oilers were uprooted in ’96 and becoming the Tennessee Titans. Being so proud of where he comes from, Scott has ensured the Oilers legacy lives on through his AJ4. 

Falling in line with the Air Jordan 4 ‘Cactus Jack’ release, we would see Scott release his latest album Astroworld. Once again honouring the place Scott calls home, the albums name drew inspiration from a theme park that Scott would frequent as a youngster. The OG theme park was run by Six Flags and shut down in 2005, but Travis Scott was determined to bring back parts of his childhood that gave him such good memories. Travis Scott’s Astroworld is set to return each year, letting fans of the iconic rapper enjoy the theme park, like Scott used to. 

Travis Scott Laced

From Strength to Strength With Sneakers

Scott would see his status boom within both the sneaker community and general fame. He could do no wrong, something Jordan Brand recognised. They allowed Scott to work on its most iconic silhouette, the Air Jordan 1. Bringing with him his own intriguing design, the Air Jordan 1s featured an inverted swoosh, something we had not seen before. The hype surrounding the AJ1 was unbelievable; everybody wanted a pair of the unique Jordans. The High version is one of the most hyped sneakers I have seen within the industry, with a price premium of 1000% over the RRP on the resale marketplace. If you needed any indication of Scott’s ability to move the needle within the industry, this is a perfect example. 

Scott’s subsequent two sneaker releases did not hit the same dizzying heights of the Air Jordan 1. An Air Jordan 6 and Air Force 1 both released to mixed reviews, with some people loving and some hating the silhouettes. What was about to come from Scott, though, would really divide the sneaker community. 

Travis Scott Laced

Nike Dunk SB x Travis Scott 

Travis Scott had made no secret of his love for the Nike Dunk. Some say he capitalised on the silhouettes boom in popularity depending on who you ask, whilst others think he has always been an avid Dunk collector. Scott’s impact on the Dunk and the resale value of pairs he wore rubbed collectors up the wrong way. Forgotten about silhouettes had become unobtainable for most due to the increased value. However, Nike saw the power that Scott had within the Dunk space, granting him the opportunity to release his own Dunk collaboration.

Many felt that Scott did not deserve this as he had no prior skateboarding experience, but the results spoke for themselves. Paisley Dunk panels tear away to reveal elephant print underneath, whilst the rest of the design is covered in Cactus Jack inspired accents. The Dunk has overshadowed the Air Jordan 1 in terms of resale value, fetching well over 1300% of the original price. A move many criticised clearly worked for Nike, with everybody discussing the Travis Scott Dunk.  

Travis Scott Showing His Range

Travis Scott would show his range with his next sneaker showing all of us that he is not only looking at hyped silhouettes guaranteed to sell out. He took over the Nike Air Max 270 React, nicknamed the Cactus Trails. The shoe was entirely different to anything Scott had ever done before. This release was the first time La Flame had taken over an Air Max sneaker. He even enlisted the help of wrestling legend Mick Foley. Foley would wrestle under the name Cactus Jack, making him the perfect model to sport the intriguing silhouette. A great way to honour the legend who inspired Scott’s alternative persona. 

Scott’s latest release would see an updated version of the Air Jordan 6 release. The sneakers upper comes crafted from premium suede, with the shoe covered in the earthy khaki tone. The inclusion of zip bag detailing on the inside collar of the shoe and button closure bags on the outside collar gives off an army-inspired theme only Scott could pull off. Co-branding from the duo feature throughout. This sneaker release shows that the Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott loves and is happy to return to this design instead of just looking at the most sought-after silhouettes releasing. 

Collaborations Outside Of Sneakers

Travis Scott’s legacy runs far deeper than just sneakers and music. Brands across the globe recognised the impact Scott has and benefited from bringing him on board. Artist merchandise has been around for years, but you would generally see tees and posters sold at gigs. Scott, however, was able to enlist some of the biggest brands around to work with him. Scott has worked with the likes of BAPE, Virgil Abloh, Helmut Lang, and Saint Laurent to produce a unique product for his fans. But the exciting product releases do not stop with apparel. 

In 2019, Scott joined forces with Reece’s to drop an exclusive run of cereal boxes, bowls and spoons sold through the Cactus Jack website. The Reece’s drop would sell out in less than a minute. The food collaborations did not stop there, though. Somehow, Scott had managed to link up with fast food powerhouse McDonald’s. Employees wore a custom run of Travis Scott McDonald’s uniforms designed by the legendary rapper and were available for purchase. You could even get the ‘Travis Scott’ meal, a cheeseburger with Scott’s favourite toppings. 

Taking On The Gamers

As if total world domination wasn’t enough for Cactus Jack, he took over the online world of gaming too. Travis Scott would have a performance on the famous Fortnite game. The game took the world by storm, and Scott’s crossover ability was evident with the concert held on the platform. According to Fortnite creators Epic Games, a whopping 15 million people were a part of viewing or participating in the Travis Scott gig, an all-time record. 

Sony Playstation noticed Scott’s impressive Fortnite takeover and reached out to work with the musician on an extremely limited Nike Dunk. Only five pairs of the sneaker were released to raffle winners. The release fell in line with the release of the PS5. It is impossible to put a price on such a limited product, but the sneaker is one of the most exclusive Dunks ever to drop. 

What Is Next For Travis Scott? 

It isn’t easy to know where Travis Scott goes from here. He has worked with the world’s most iconic brands consistently over the last few years to massive success. We will continue to see unique sneakers release under the Nike and Jordan Brand banner, that much we know. But a guy as creative as Travis Scott, I imagine the next collaboration will take all of us by surprise. There is a reason that La Flame is the master of hype; he knows what we want before we even realise it. 

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