Getting away with wearing trainers for school

The words “no trainers” appear on almost every school uniform policy I have ever come across in England. As a lover of trainers, those words were the cause of much annoyance growing up. You weren’t allowed to wear trainers. Yet no one could really give you a good reason why. My displeasure at this ruling has only intensified. When you’re sitting in class, and one of your maverick peers walk in, usually late, proudly defiant, with trainers on his feet, and yet somehow remaining undetected. My annoyance turned to admiration and years on, the defiance still resonates with me. What if… what if we could all achieve the unrivalled, very sparingly fulfilled pleasure, of wearing trainers to school?

To pull off such a feat, to walk through those school gates unchallenged requires ambition. It requires balls, but more scientifically, it requires the right choice of trainer. Not just a trainer that can remain unnoticed by staff for a whole school day but one with the functionality that suits your needs – whether that be for the trainer’s sporting prowess or additional wow factor. I have compiled my list of 5 trainers that not only can get you into school but 5 trainers that are worth it, for one reason or another. 

Discretion is naturally essential. Colour is a massive red flag against what you are trying to achieve. I would strongly advise as a general rule for you to stay away from colour – triple black is 100% the way to go. Luckily for you triple black might restrict you colourway wise but the vast array of potential silhouettes is almost endless. 

NikeLAB x Arthur Huang Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 Black (£75)

Street cred: 4/5 Difficulty: 2/5 Comfort 3/5 

To find a Nike collaborated silhouette for a similar price point would be a struggle. This kick is definitely one you can tell your friends about. Stealthy but unmistakably iconic. The Air Max 1 has been one of the favourites of the playground since its launch. The most telling feature that elevates this particular model into my top 5 is its combination of deployed Flyknit technology, blended with synthetic overlays on the upper, which results in the same sturdiness you expect from an Air Max 1 silhouette but with added breathability. Something that is very much welcome for all-day wear. Naturally due to the Air Max 1s thick midsole and leather toe box this kick is ideal for sport. Just don’t expect to be bending it like Beckham anytime soon.

Nike Air Presto Essential ‘Triple Black’ (£115)

Street cred 3/5 Difficulty 3/5 Comfort 5/5

An ever-present in a lot of collections, and definitely one to consider for the schoolyard. The Air Presto offers you all day comfort. Its sock-like construction makes it perfect for use from bell to bell. If you love a run around at lunch and break this Air Presto delivers. Due to the fact it is primarily a running shoe. Although this might not make any jaws drop. The Air Presto could be considered the thinking man’s choice; light, airy, and comfortable, perfect for bell to bell use. Beware, however, high impacts will damage the stretch mesh upper quickly. So don’t think you’re going to be toe-poking a ball goalward too many times in these. 

Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra Triple Black (£180)

Street cred 5/5 Difficulty 4/5 Comfort 2/5 

It might be one of the boldest moves to pull when entering those school gates. If you pull it off, a TN is definitely going to elevate your social status. Coming complete with road connotations. The Air Max Plus TN Ultra is a chunky, unadulterated sign of an outlaw in the classroom. Not for everyone but definitely suited to some. With a bulky Air Max midsole and a thicker upper this shoe is an ideal choice for the winter months. Maybe not as functional for sport due to its lack of breathability or flexibility. What this choice does allow you though, is a reputation above all else – TNs are just cool.

Trainers for school

Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra Triple Black (£66)

Street cred 2/5 Difficulty 1/5 Comfort 3/5

For one reason or another, the Air Huarache was the most popular choice for my peers during my school days, and for reasons I am still yet to understand, its success seemed to be unrivalled. The Air Huarache in 2019 isn’t exactly the most head-turning trainer, with its widespread wear continuing to fade but it still holds a lot of value for school. The price point is the lowest on this list and its comfort is definitely nothing to complain about, a combination of suede and nylon allows for a flexible breathable trainer that will withstand whatever sporting activity your day has in store. I’m not saying the Air Huarache is a sure thing, but it definitely has the potential. 

Trainers for school

Nike Air Force 1 ‘07 Black/Black (£68)

Street cred 5/5 Difficulty 2/5 Comfort 3/5 

Everyone loves the Air Force 1, quite possibly the most balanced option of the 5, a favourite of the schoolyard due to its stealthy aesthetic, which at a glance could be mistaken for something you’d find in Shoezone or Clarks. Sturdy, warm, but still comfortable, this models premium leather construction might take a battering in a game of football and will scuff easily but its thick midsole makes it perfect for extended wear year on year. This would be your parents choice of trainer for you, it is the practical choice. 

Of course, I’m not saying everyone should try and pull off a trainer at school, I never did. Do I regret it? maybe, but I had plenty of kicks for outside the school gates. All I’m saying is if you were to try and pull it off, these should be top of your list. 

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