Nike’s Air Jordan range – born from collaboration with world-famous basketball star Michael Jordan – have delivered some of the most iconic and instantly recognisable silhouettes and colourways that can be found on the market today. Nike are no stranger to revamping and rereleasing popular classics and old school favourites but have decided to launch something fresh and new onto the market, with their aptly named Prototype colourway! The Air Jordan 1 High OG – one of the most iconic Air Jordan silhouettes on the market – has been graced with a fresh, unique approach to its colour scheme.

The colourway is made up of multiple different colours starting with a pure white base, toe, and midsole. The outsole is pure black, framing the crisp white neatly, while black laces boldly criss-cross the dark tongue with just a hint of burnt orange in the Nike logo and lace tab. A wavy beige layer houses the eyelets and spreads from around the toecap all the way to the back, lining the heel with a delicate, neat line which traces the Air Jordan 1 Low silhouette. Then, for a shocking contrast, the upper is decorated with bi-tone blue. A royal blue frames the top of the silhouette with sky blue splashed across the middle and the unmistakable Air Jordans wings logo embossed in black.

But the colours themselves aren’t the most amazing thing about this colourway, no! The true “Prototype” of these shoes comes from their transformable nature. Like the Air Jordan Switch range, these shoes can be swapped from the High silhouette to a Low. However, unlike the Switch range which use a secure zipper, the Prototype isn’t as forgiving! A perforated line around the heel denotes the incision point. You’ll need to permanently remove the upper from your sneakers to unlock the Low silhouette hiding within, so make sure you’re 100% certain before you attempt the surgery!

These beautiful sneakers will be available on the 10th of September so there isn’t long to wait if you want to grab yourself a pair of these genuinely unique and prototype shoes! As usual, the easiest place to source your next pair is at Laced