No matter how creative designers get with their colourways, all-black looks are always a sell-out. Black goes with anything, or so they say, which goes a long way to explaining why blackout colourways are snapped up so quickly on release.

In June, Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost 350 v2 dropped in a complete blackout design, a look that stands out in a Yeezy design catalogue built dominated by pastel and neon colours with names like ‘Antila’, ‘Glow’ and ‘Butter’.

The first time around

The June release was hyped up beyond belief; something we have come to expect from every Yeezy release by now. Yeezy seem to think that we deserve another chance at snapping up an all-black colourway as they are set to re-release the first ‘Triple Black’ adidas x shoe. Once again, the hype train is rolling out of the station and picking up steam.

What better time to re-release the blackout colourway than on Black Friday? A day born from clearing out stock at affordable prices has become a holiday in itself. Some wait all year to snap up their entire list of Christmas presents and treat themselves to the latest tech, gadgets and clothing gear at seriously slashed prices.

Black Friday is a fitting holiday for a Yeezy release. This is a day when normality seems to go out the window as shoppers clamber over each other, throw fists over the last remaining TV on the shelf and scream obscenities at each other like tantrum riddled toddlers with the vocabulary of Frankie Boyle. This material hysteria is one we also see surrounding a lot of trainer releases and Kanye concerts, especially when the likes of limited edition Yeezys go on sale.  

One thing about Black Friday we can all agree on is that it’s a perfect chance to grab a bargain on great kicks. With the Yeezy ‘Triple Black’ such a popular choice, we expect them to run out once again during the restock. Keep an eye on our online trainer’s platform for resale options on these and other Yeezy products in the coming months.