As we get closer and closer to the festive period, it’s more important than ever to follow all the usual guidance in the Laced seller portal, especially the packing rules. To help prevent any delays with your sale verification (and your payment), we’ve put together a handy parcel packing guide that you can follow, to ensure your sneakers work their way through our authentication centre quickly and easily, then onto their new home in excellent condition.

What packaging should I use for the order?

We expect each and every pair to arrive in pristine condition! The shoes need to be in their original box, then neatly packed into a shipping box that will ultimately protect the shoe box inside. Sending the shoes in a bag, wrapping or parcel paper will result in a high risk of damage in transit, which can cause delays and lead to your order potentially being cancelled.

What documents should I include?

Once your item has sold, you’ll be emailed with two documents. The first document is your sale invoice which includes the name of the item sold, the style code, size and sale number below the QR code. This document needs to be printed and placed inside the packing box, along with the shoes. Then, ensure the box is properly and securely taped up.

The second document you’ll receive is a pre-paid shipping label from UPS. You’ll need to print this label and securely fasten it to the outside of the shipping box, so it’s clearly visible. 

How long do I have to ship the order?

You have strictly two business days to ship the item to Laced. All you need to do is drop the parcel to your closest UPS access point (which you can find here), and be sure to keep your proof of postage (AKA drop-off receipt) safe until we receive the item. 

Once UPS scans the label on the outside of the package, the order status will update on Laced and you’ll receive another email update.

What happens when Laced receives the item?

Once we receive your item and it goes through our authentication process, you’ll be notified about your payout. It’s worth noting that the verification process usually takes one business day, but this can vary based on the volume of orders in our warehouse. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here, or get in touch with our Customer Care department here