Reebok Club C x Swarovski Crystal

Footwear brands are finding new and exciting ways for customers to access some of their most exclusive drops. The recent Reebok Swarovski Giveaway in particular, really does set a high bar in terms of innovative drops. Reebok have enlisted the help of Google and Amazon to offer its customers the opportunity to get their hands on an incredibly rare pair of trainers. The pair in question is a special edition Reebok Club C which first debuted in 1985. Only this time the model is adorned with Swarovski crystal, inspired by the recent Reebok “Nails” campaign starring Cardi B. The shoes are limited to a mere 50 pairs. Each of which is individually numbered and features a one-of-a-kind look thanks to its crystal embellishments.

Reebok Swarovski Giveaway

Google & Amazon Home part of exclusive giveaway

To secure a pair, all you have to do it follow a few simple steps. The Reebok Swarovski giveaway hinges on you downloading the Reebok Sneaker Drop skill on your smart home system. Then utter a simple phrase depending on your chosen device. If you’ve got an Amazon Echo, just say “Alexa, open Reebok Sneaker Drop.” If you’re a Google Home owner, say “Hey Google, open Reebok Sneaker Drop.” You’ll then be asked a few questions about your shoe size, name, and more. 

Then, on September 7th between 10am-12pm est, fire up the skill once again and say “Alexa/Google, get my Club C’s.” And you might just be lucky. Apart from the 50 special crystal pairs, 100 winners will also be blessed with a pair of classic Club C 85s — a more than sufficient runner up prize. The Reebok Club C is without a doubt regarded as a Hall of Fame trainer. So transporting it into 2019 with a tech based giveaway has a rather pleasant story line to it. The Reebok Swarovski giveaway may be regarded as niche, but it is a sign of whats to come in the world of online trainers. As brands and retailers are going to find new and inventive ways to distribute their most coveted of products.