New React Element 87 releases 2019

Presently the Nike React Element 87 is one of the hottest silhouettes around, and its widespread appeal is very much warranted, quite literally in a league of its own in a lot of ways the React Element 87 has received almost unanimous widespread acclaim. With its little sister the React Element 55 also emerging as a genuine mainstay of the Nike catalogue the model’s legacy has been all but secured already, and that is no mean feat. So it would come as no surprise that Nike has wished to assist the growth of its new star with a variety of fresh colourways to ensure that the React Element 87 is always up for selection and never out your thoughts. For a more in-depth look at the React Element click here, but for now, here is our rundown of the four new RE 87s dropping real soon in 2019.


As early as May 2nd, Nike are gifting its loyal fan base not one but two new colourways for the React Element 87; the first of which, the ‘Moss’, looks to continue the natural theme that is entwined in too many of its previous iterations like the Orewood and Anthracite to name just two notable examples. Arriving in a classic mix of earth tones the React Element 87 Moss deploys muted hues spread along the rear build of the shoe the most prominent of which is a moss-like olive. As to be expected from an 87 the semi-translucent upper remains intact, which still plays host to the silhouettes most revolutionary feature, a window into the wearers’ sock allowing for a changing aesthetic dependant on your choice of foot warmers. An oversized swoosh is always brandished on the side panel of the shoes upper with striking orange stitching and orange pressure moulds on this model’s midsole completing this refined creation.

React Element 87

‘Dusty Peach’

Accompanying the ‘Moss’, dropping May 2nd is the ‘Dusty Peach’ boasting a bold combination of compelling colours and futuristic materials. The silhouette’s signature TPU upper remains with the iconic semi-translucent forefoot. An opaque style supplements this sock window on the rear half via the aforementioned “Dusty Peach” tone which translated as an earthy reddish-orange that artfully toes the line between luxurious and sporty. Dark Royal Blue overlays offer the most significant accents to the rest of the models construct while small pops of forest green and vibrant purple are also interspersed, adding more styles to the colourful collage. The premium flair comes in the form of the React Element 87s cork insole that again helps balance this design on the border between performance and lifestyle.

React Element 87

‘Orange Peel’

Now, although the 87s lower-priced sibling the React Element 55 is dominating the space in terms of colourways available I can assure you nothing can compare to the announcement of a new 87 colourway and thankfully we have two more rumoured for a late April release, just in time for the summer months. Pairing orange and green hues the Nike React Element 87 ‘Orange Peel’ also deploys caramel brown leather tones on the lace collar to complete what is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most exciting colour palettes to brace the performance lifestyle crossover to date. The earthy aesthetic envokes an image of orange peel on a compost heap but in a good way, with Nike once again wishing to extend the natural theming already associated with this silhouette’s past iterations and I can’t blame them, because it just works.

React Element 87

‘Red Orbit’

Alongside the ‘Orange Peel’ if reports are to be believed, Nike is dropping another colourway to complete an April duo. The ‘Red Orbit’ is rumoured as an exclusive to the Asia-Pacific region and looks to further inflate the ever-growing and increasingly impressive React Element 87 catalogue. Distancing itself from the earth tones of most silhouettes most recent iterations but somehow looking suspiciously reminiscent of the React Element 87 Solar Red, this model opts in favour of a mixture of bold red, regal purple, smooth grey, and cool navy blue stylings, all placed on top of its signature smokey translucent TPE upper. The colourful upper is then offset by a familiar white React midsole, one that’s accented by both grey and red plugs, restoring some clarity to one of the most vibrant and starkly different models in the whole of the React Element 87 range, and perhaps my favourite of the new breed.

React Element 87

Where can I buy the Nike React Element 87?

So with four new elements on the horizon to choose from, there is no doubt that anticipation is building for one of Nike’s modern poster boys, the React 87 arguably won shoe of the year in 2018, and it’s entirely possible that we see that dominance continues through the summer of 2019. For more on the upcoming React Element 87 releases and the rest of the silhouettes ever growing range head over to Laced where you can buy and sell today.