Kanye is preparing ahead for better weather and a big year in 2020 with a number of new colourway releases already in the bank for most of the |Yeezy collection as well as all new trainers for fans to get their hands on.

One of the new releases we’ve been treated to a sneak peak of is the next Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Sulphur”.

If you were a fan of the “Butter” colourway then the “Sulphur” colourway is going to be a must have this spring. With a slightly darker look, the Sulphur colourway has added a tinge of brown and a darker yellow base tone to the “Butter” look which contrasts with an orange liner to create a brilliant light and volcanic colourway. Yeezy are brilliant at finding minimal colourways that perfectly match their monikers and they’ve hit it out he park again with the “Sulphur” look. The iconic bleached white contrasting stripe with reflective properties is still present. And the laces are dyed with the same pigment of the midsole to keep the colourway minimal and balanced.

The usual Boost technology is present which surrounds the sleeker sockliner. That new sleek finish is achieved by the updated Primeknit stitching across the upper as one of the only technical updates to the Boost 350 V2. It brings the fit in a little so the new Boost 350 V2 looks a little slimmer and sleeker than the past iterations.

Yeezy is well known for muted, pastel colourways which some fans have criticised. Especially when you look at a few other colourways set for release in 2020; for example, the “Linen”, “Flax” “Earth” and “Marsh” designs. All of which have a similar look about them. Many want more advantageous colourways. Pastel colourways have become a staple to every trainer collection, true, but people also like the option to shake things up with some more vibrant colourways. Will we see some more adventurous colourways in 2020?

This summer Yeezy are set to build on their pastel collections and the “Sulphur” colourways is a really nice addition. Keep it Laced for more online trainers’ releases from Yeezy this year.