Brace yourself – you’re about to feel old!  That’s because it’s now been over 30 years since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System – more commonly known as the SNES – was first released, and as an integral part of our childhoods, that’s got us all here at Laced feeling pretty goddamn ancient!

To help ease our pain and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this seminal gaming system, Puma has teamed up with Nintendo to create another console-inspired sneaker that gamers are about to go crazy over.

With Esports becoming increasingly popular, gaming has become somewhat of a trend in the sneaker sphere lately. Lockdowns put in place to curb the COVID-19 pandemic have meant the demand for games consoles has sky-rocketed to even more astronomical heights, evidenced by the recent PlayStation 5 and Xbox release-day fiascos a few weeks back.

Puma has been looking to capitalise on this surge in popularity by dishing out some gaming-friendly footwear, the most recent being the SEGA x Puma RS-0 that was released a couple of years back. Well now they’re at it again, and the newest addition to the family is this slick, nostalgia-inducing iteration of the Future Rider silhouette.

The retro shoe is dressed in the same colour scheme found on the original system, with uppers consisting of mainly white suede combined with a grey mesh panel that runs along the front section. Although the palette honours the system well, it’s the Nintendo Future Rider’s embellishments that really bring those childhood memories flooding back. On the midsole is a large ‘Power’ button that is near-identical to the one found on the SNES, and the tongue tag features an 8-bit Super Mario Bros image that does its best to replicate the classic games’ look.

The Nintendo X Puma Future Rider will be released on the official PUMA website on December 4th priced at around £70, so make another inclusion on your Christmas wish list and you can be sporting the retro-gamer look this festive season.

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