Every year Pantone releases their colour of the year, and for 2024 the tone to watch is a ‘velvety’ one they’re calling ‘Peach Fuzz’ 

The colour is more subtle and subdued than last year’s vivid ‘Viva Magenta’, giving a more pastel and softer feeling than its predecessor. We’re already seeing this tone come through in designers’ work from luxury brands like Marc Jacobs to smaller, more trending ones like Birkenstock and Ganni.

According to Pantone, ‘Peach Fuzz’ telegraphs the need for kindness and compassion, and echoes a ‘yearning for closeness and connection’. The hue is a warm one, having both a familiarity of late summer sunsets and vivid flowers. Pantone expect to see this colour show up across touchpoints of art, fashion and design in the coming year, and considering how much more subtle this colour is than that of previous years’, the likelihood of your favourite brands releasing a footwear option in peachy tones is high.