Off-White x Air Force 1 MoMA Official Imagery

Unexpectedly, official images of the Off-White x Air Force 1 MoMA have surfaced. Following the hype surrounding the similarly styled volt blue MCA model, which was the talk of the recent ComplexCon event. The surprise surrounding these newly released images stems from the fact this Virgil Abloh design debuted back in 2018. As part of a special collection with the famed NYC art museum which was available exclusively in New York City. The speculation that is circulating suggests that the press exposure that this pair has received may be due to its impending general release. Both the MoMA and MCA are two of the rarer colourways in Virgil Abloh’s Off-White range. Making a general release for either an exciting prospect.

Off-White x Air Force 1

What does the MoMA design feature?

Coloured in a stark black leather across the entirety of the shoes upper, its most important detailing coming in the way of a large silver swoosh which appears on both the lateral and medial sides, cutting a striking contrast against an opaque canvas. The look is accented further by Virgil Abloh’s signature Helvetica text on the medial quarter. An “AIR” hit on the lateral midsole, and a bold orange tab on the lateral Swoosh. While a special translucent zip tie provides a finishing touch. As previously mentioned, the MoMA is aesthetically incredibly similar to another artistic exclusive release. The Off-White x Air Force 1 MCA which dropped as a collaboration with the Museum of Contemporay Art Chicago in the first half of 2019 being met with similar levels of intrigue. Both the MCA and MoMA are currently fetching 4 figure sums on the online trainers resale market.

Whether or not we are going to actually see a general release for the Off-White x Air Force 1 MoMA is still unclear. All we know is, we are waiting with baited breath for whatever Virgil has in store for us next.