When it comes to pushing boundaries of footwear design, they don’t come much more experimental than the Nike D/MS/X Waffle. As out there as the name suggests, this is one silhouette in which Nike refused to play it safe, delivering a shoe that caters to those who want their footwear to make the boldest of statements.

Although the D/MS/X Waffle has fallen down the pecking order with only a few updates over the past year or so, it’s clear the avant-garde silhouette hasn’t been forgotten and now it’s back, dressed in eco-friendly materials as the next instalment of Nike’s Move to Zero project.

Nike’s pledge to move towards sustainability raised one or two eyebrows when it was first announced back in 2018. It is, after all, one of the largest clothing and footwear manufacturers on Earth, so the idea the sportswear behemoth will go completely neutral by 2030 had some questioning whether this was just a clever marketing ploy rather than a serious promise. 

But while it’s clear there’s a long road ahead until all Nike’s footwear is completely, 100% sustainable, things are obviously moving in the right direction with a growing number of releases making use of upcycled materials.

The upcoming D/MS/X Waffle is the latest in a long line of shoes that will appeal to the eco-conscious consumer, and we saw on some of the other Air Force 1 and Air Max 95 releases, it features the Nike Grind material throughout the shoe’s outsole. Elsewhere it makes use of recycled canvas which comes in a mixture of brown, grey and purple on the Swooshes.   

The midsole comes in an eye-catching marble-toned colour featuring hues of blue and orange, and the branding on the tongue tag comes in black and green to complete the retro feel on this iconic and enduring silhouette.

At the moment no official release date has been announced. All we know for sure is this one will arrive sometime in 2021, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as more news becomes available.

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