Built for comfort not for speed

Nike’s running silhouettes have always been defined by their details. While the technology that underpins them is ultimately the key to their success. With each new silhouette comes fresh ideas, solved problems, or much-needed improvements. In the case of the latest addition, the Nike CruzrOne which has just been launched. The emphasis is on a fresh approach. Specifically targetting those runners who like to take things at a slower pace. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the CruzrOne is for those who love to run…slowly.

Nike CruzrOne

When you run slowly the foot behaves a little differently. So Nike believes your running shoe needs to behave a little differently to accommodate that. As there is a greater heel to toe transition meaning that the stress on the foot lowers, and the amount of foot coverage increases. Every design cue on the Nike CruzrOne has been developed with this in mind. With a segmented outsole which helps the foot flex as naturally as possible. As well as a round heel that helps with the natural transition as the foot hits the ground and rolls forward at a slower speed. All of which is then completed with the addition of a stretch upper lined with shearling for support and comfort.

Nike CruzrOne’s inception

Tinker Hatfield stumbled upon the idea for the Nike CruzrOne during a conversation with Nike founder Phil Knight back in October 2018. A conversation which has been reported to have gone a little like this;

Tinker: “You’re looking strong. I heard you’ve been walking eight miles a day.”
Phil: “Not true. I do not walk eight miles a day.”
Tinker: “Oh, I’m sorry — I must have misheard.” 
Phil: “You must have. I don’t walk. I run! Just really, really slowly.”

The exchange inspired Tinker Hatfield to explore the needs of the slower runner. Realising an athletes performance changes over time, meaning their needs alter also. An online trainers release date for the shoe is yet to be pencilled but we have already seen three colourways showcased. The blue featured above, as well as a black and a pistachio green model.