Why Nike cancels Undercover release in China?

Nike cancels Undercover release in China. Amid protests from the residence of Hong Kong against a pending extradition bill. With the founder of Undercover, Jun Takahashi publicly posting his support for the protests via a photo to Instagram with the caption “No extradition to China”. Although the post has since been deleted and Nike calling it an “individual opinion”, it is clear whether Nike shared Takahashi’s view by axing the release across the whole of China.

Why are the people of Hong Kong protesting?

They are protesting in an attempt to get the government to abandon a pending extradition bill. Which would give China the legal right to extradite residents of Hong Kong in order to have them put on trial in China: a bill that the people of Hong Kong think is an infringement of human rights. While the opposition has resulted in the bill being temporarily put on hold it has not been removed from consideration altogether. Critics of the bill say it would subject Hong Kong residents to unfair trials in China. Encouraging China’s encroachment on the semi-autonomous territory.

What shoe release is Nike cancelling in China?

The shoe in question is Nike’s latest collaboration with long time partners Undercover. Jun Takahashi has previously worked on a number of silhouettes for Nike including the React Element 87; this time opting to dive into the Nike archive, reviving the 1980’s favourite Nike Daybreak silhouette. The shoe that drops in four colourways gets a staggered release; with two colourways dropping on June 7th, while the second two colourways wont be with us until June 21st. The shoes will retail at £140 and will be in high demand.

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