New survey puts Nike 8th Healthiest Company

A new survey which has just been published has put Nike as the 8th Healthiest Company. The survey was conducted by the YouGov – BrandIndex and was among a list of 25 global brands. Nike being one of only two non-digital companies (along with no.6 ranked Ikea) to brace the top 10. Google, WhatsApp, YouTube, Samsung and Facebook take the top five spots. Rather pleasingly to Nike also, Adidas came three spots below them, in 11th place.

The full list is as follow:

1 – Google
2 – WhatsApp
3 – YouTube
4 – Samsung
5 – Facebook
6 – Amazon
7 – Ikea
8 – Nike
9 – Paypal
10 – Netflix
11 – Adidas
12 – Uniqlo
13 – Lego
14 – Colgate
15 – Almarai
16 – Panasonic
17 – Tylenol
18 – LG
19 – Visa
10 – Toyota
21 – Nivea
22 –
23 – Galaxy
24 – Al Baik
25 – Alipay

What does ‘Healthiest’ Company actually mean?

In order to be considered Healthy, the companies were graded based on 6 categories – Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend, and Reputation. With tech based companies naturally thriving it is no surprise they dominate the top 5 but thanks to the longevity and loyalty which is also taken into consideration, some classic brands make the list also. The survey began on July 1, 2018, and ending June 30, 2019, which thankfully for Nike coincided with a period of increased public engagement for Nike.

In September 2018, Colin Kaepernick was named the face of the brand’s “Just Do It” campaign – a controversial move that was largely embraced by activists and sports fans alike. Which would naturally mean Nike scores high in corresponding categories as despite backlash from opposers, the emotional campaign even garnered Nike an Emmy nomination and an all-time high for its stock value, all adding to the online trainers giant’s rating in the top ten. Shortly after, Nike released another Dream Crazy ad to celebrate boundary-pushing female athletes across all sports, aptly named “Dream Crazier.” In addition to public awareness gained from ad campaigns, Nike also saw an approximate 13 percent increase in revenue during Q4 of 2018.