Recently soaring into popularity, New Balance is now officially one of the world’s most popular sportswear brands. Offering a wide range of stylish sneakers and constantly releasing new colourways, the Boston-based label has truly made its mark within the industry over the last couple of years. A game-changing collection that helped shape the future of footwear is New Balance’s 990 series which includes the distinctly similar 992 and 993 models.

Released in 2006, the New Balance 992 trainer was originally designed to commemorate 100 years of the brand. Most commonly made from a mixture of leather, mesh and suede, the chunky sneaker provides ABZORB cushioning and expert arch support.

Introduced two years later in 2008, the New Balance 993 equally sports a dad shoe-style makeup. Also crafted from a blend of durable materials, the 993 delivers the same comfort technology and support system as the 992. Detailed with touches of classic branding, both the 992 and 993 deliver retro aesthetics, a solid shape and pillow-like cushioning.

Key differences include the panelling on the uppers, and the two silhouettes are also set apart by the sneaker technology used in each shoe. The 993 includes extra cushioning for advanced structural support, while the 992 delivers a slightly more lightweight option. Because of their technological differences, the 993 is often recommended for people with flatter feet and the 992 is tailored towards people with high arches. Lastly, the New Balance 993 offers a narrower fit when directly comparing it to the 992 model thanks to its slimmer toe box formation.

Forming two key parts of the 990 series, the New Balance 992 and 993 both offer all-day comfort and vintage-inspired aesthetics while simultaneously targeting different needs when it comes to footwear. Whether you opt for the classic 992 or the more robust 993, both trainers guarantee expert craftsmanship and stylish versatility.