The sneaker world is often dominated by fashion these days, but that’s not to say that sports sneakers have died completely. In the world of football boots this week, the latest addition to the Paul Pogba collection is being released! The latest Adidas have released from their collaboration with world-famous French footballer and Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba. The design is born from a further collaboration, between Pogba himself and fashion designer Stella McCartney, daughter of globally acclaimed English singer and songwriter, Paul McCartney.

The result of this collaboration is a striking technicolour football boot with overlapping design styles and exciting visuals across the entire sneaker. The boot features an entirely primeknit upper with a full-white body. Sat on top of the plain upper are several overlapping designs. McCartney’s iconic leopard print is merged with Earth Defender graphics in an incandescent rainbow effect across the entire body of the boot. Demonskin spikes – in a blazing bright orange – sit atop the multicoloured patterning, adding a extra layer of contrast and yet, somehow, still not clashing. The demonskin spikes have been specifically designed to provide great grip to aid in better ball control and more accurate spin and swerve.

The boot’s collar has an ultra-high backing for ultimate control and the plain white makes sure the boot isn’t too visually messy. A neat orange stripe lines the collar and the simple brand “Predator” is printed atop the plain white tongue. To finish this striking design a metallic oil spill rainbow-effect soleplate is fitted around the transparent studs.

This incredible football boot is just the latest in Pogba’s Predator line and is also the first in the range (and the first football boot from adidas overall) to be completely vegan! The brand new Pogba x Adidas by Stella McCarthy hits stores on November 1st and is available in both a laced and laceless version! The laceless version has an added bonus of additional demonskin spikes running up the tongue – in plain white, so they don’t interfere with the design! These showstopping boots are available now, grab your pair today!