What is the 99 Club?

So for those of you aren’t aware, the new Madden game has just dropped. The premier American Football simulation game by EA can be played across Playstation, Xbox and PC. Each year a lot is made of this, not just because of its overwhelming popularity but also because of the ratings the team at EA are charged with assigning to each NFL player. Often controversial; as soon as the ratings are released the internet becomes awash with reaction videos from fans, and most notably players. The most coveted accolade for players is the super rare maximum 99 rating. Which is handed out to the very best players in the league. Four players were awarded with the perfect 99 rating this year. To commend them, Nike sent out some 99 Club Gold Cleats to celebrate, and here are the four.

Bobby Wagner – Middle Linebacker (Seattle Seahawks)

The premier number one Middle Linebacker in the league. Bobby Wagner received the 99 rating for his super season with the Seattle Seahawks. As well as his 15th place finish in the NFL Top 100 Players list voted on by his peers. Described by many as the best passer in the league, Wagner was awarded a pair of gold Air Jordan 1s re-imagined for application in Gridiron Football.


Aaron Donald – Defensive End ( Los Angeles Rams)

The second of the four players to receive the prize of a perfect rating was Los Angeles Rams Defensive End Aaron Donald. Ranked 1st in the NFL Top 100 Players list voted on by his peers. Achieving a league topping 20.5 sacks last season, and making it to the Super Bowl Aaron Donald is quite rightly considered by Quarterbacks as one of the scariest players to come up against. To celebrate Nike sent him a pair of Nike Force Savage Elites in gold and white.

Khalil Mack – Outside Linebacker (Chicago Bears)

Considered by many as the best Edge Rusher in the league. Khalil Mack Outside Linebacker for the Chicago Bears since his trade from the Oakland Raiders in September 2018 went on an absolute tear. Similarly to Aaron Donald, Mack was also awarded a pair of white and gold Nike Force Savage Elites for his performances in the NFL this year, and his 3rd ranking on the NFL Top 100 player list.

DeAndre Hopkins – Wide Receiver (Houston Texans)

Houston Texans Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins who didn’t drop a single catch last year is the 4th member of the 99 Club. Despite this he is the only member not to receive a pair of 99 Club Gold Cleats from Nike. This is due to the fact that Hopkins is signed to Adidas and not Nike. Hopkins has previously caused a storm in the NFL by breaking their uniform policy by wearing a pair of Yeezy cleats during a game against the Chicago Bears. For which he was fined $6,000.

99 Club Gold Cleats

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