Some have given it the moniker of ‘YEEZY Croc’, and ‘Rubber Clogs’, but the foam runner is going ahead with a release date early in 2020. Whilst it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, which pretty much sums up every YEEZY release to date, development of the new footwear will be utilising a special material during production: algae.

We’re used to the expected vitriol from Twitter that surrounds each and every YEEZY release, but inevitably each and every one of Kanye West’s releases sells out. The resulting clamour on trainer resale websites also end up boosting process for some of his most sought-after releases to meteoric heights.

So, whilst the new foam runner, teased in June by his daughter North West, has received a bashing online, we expect the new-look to be another sell out to kick off 2020.

YEEZY planning for the future of the planet

The YEEZY brand has recently voiced its commitment to a more sustainable future by incorporating algae into the production of the new Foam Runner. How exactly? Well, by incorporating the green natural material they hope to move away from more toxic fossil fuels that are currently used in the process of producing footwear, whilst also protecting waterways and wildlife.

Kanye West also stated at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in Manhattan that they are looking into using alternatives to harmful dyes which are currently putting the fashion industry under increased scrutiny.

Crocs have had a resurgence in recent months. Going from hated mum shoe to the style hall of fame via collaborations with the likes Balenciaga and Chinatown Market. With big names attached to croc designs, they’ve gone from supermarket shelves to the windowfronts of a number of high street outlets and have found their way on to the feet of sneaker snobs.

Like the croc, the foam runner will be sure to divide YEEZY fans. But as always, those who complain the loudest before release are bound to be first in line on release date. Which will be early in 2020. Keep it Laced for more information, and check out our online trainers platform to find the best deals on the resale market.