Founded by pro skateboarder Chris Keefe and fashion designer Dave Ortiz back in 2003, New York-based franchise Dave’s Quality Meats quickly became one of the most talked about stores in the industry. With its unique butcher shop-inspired theme and top quality streetwear goods, DQM was a shopping experience like no other. In response to the boutique’s taste of triumph, competing brands, such as Nike, soon approached the team at DQM in hope for a slice of their success. Together, Nike and DQM then went on to create a recipe for greatness in the form of the coveted Nike Air Max 90 Bacon back in 2004.

Sadly, Dave’s Quality Meats has since closed its doors for good, yet the legacy of their rasher-inspired AM90 lives on deserves to be celebrated on this year’s International Bacon Day after its re-release in 2021.

The collaborative shoe’s cream leather base is layered with premium pink, red and brown mixed material overlays to create a design reminiscent of a marbled piece of pork. The quirky pair is laced with classic touches of Nike branding to keep this Air Max 90 recognisable whilst it showcases its one-of-a-kind theme. Full of fashionable flavour, this iteration of a retro ‘90s model is also engineered with the brand’s iconic Air cushioning underfoot to allow this sought-after shoe to be worn all day with ease. With its wearable colourway and unmatched charm, this special edition AM90 is a raw display of the creativity that exists within the streetwear realm.

Craving a collection refresh? Get your hands on the Nike Air Max 90 x DQM Bacon 2021 this International Bacon Day and you won’t be disappointed.