Yeezy fans should have no trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year, as Kayne and his team are gearing up to drop a swathe of brand-new releases just in time for the festive season.

Despite the global pandemic causing major design and manufacturing issues across the world, the people behind the scenes at Yeezy have been working tirelessly to produce some fresh new designs to add to their growing collections, and a jam-packed schedule leaked by the man himself revealed plans to drop dozens of releases from now until the year’s end.

As you might have guessed, a number of those come in the form of new 350 v2 colourways, which is unsurprising considering the style is the most popular silhouette across the brand’s collections, as well as the one Yeezy pay the most attention to. But alongside those, there are a number of additions to the Boost 380 range too.

Yeezy dropped the first iteration of the Boost 380 back in December of last year with the “Alien” colourway, and ever since then fans of the style have been waited with bated breath for more makeups of the unorthodox silhouette. When Ye posted an image of Yeezy’s full 2020 schedule a few weeks ago, 380 fans’ prayers had been answered with a total of five colourways on their way before the end of 2020. Here’s what to expect in the next couple of months.

“Calcite Glow” – October 31

First up –arriving on Halloween – is the “Calcite Glow”, a cream-white and beige glow-in-the-dark iteration that was simply made for spooky season. With a Primeknit upper featuring white, cream and beige tones fixed to a translucent midsole and gum-coloured tread, this is one standout look that’s guaranteed to be a head-turner.

“Onyx” – November 27

Black Friday is known for the frenzy it creates, and some of it might just extend to Yeezy fans this year as the much-anticipated Boost 380 “Onyx” finally drops on the shopping calendar’s most infamous date. With a Primeknit upper dashed with black and brown hues that form a camo-inspired pattern, the “Onyx” is quite unlike anything we’ve seen from Yeezy before. Underneath, the shoe features a large brown midsole and gum-coloured treading which completes the stealthy aesthetic and guarantees the “Onyx” will be a popular style for years to come.

 “Azure” – December 12

Featuring a burgundy Primeknit upper with a mottled brown pattern stitched across the top, the earthy tones on this rendition make it the perfect choice for the cooler months. Adding a flash of colour to the style is the royal blue patch along both the medial and lateral, which is where the shoe’s exotic name is derived from.

“Hylte” – December 12

The second glow-in-the-dark iteration will come in the form of the “Hylte”, but although this one shares some similarities with the “Calcite Glow – mainly that you won’t ever get lost while flexin’ a pair – with a bright yellow Primeknit, this one is has even more shock-value than its predecessor. With a dark grey, semi-translucent midsole and black treading, this is one big, bad and bold colourway that will not go unmissed this Christmas.

“LMNTE” – December 12

Completing a trio of December 12 releases, the “LMNTE” is another eye-catching colourway that will no doubt propel the Boost 380’s popularity to stratospheric heights. Shorthand for luminate, the LMNTE strays away from the glow-in-the-dark theme seen elsewhere on the roster, although – as the name suggests – this one’s by no means subtle. With a gorgeous purple-infused Primeknit upper that also features a yellow, sponge-like perforated patch along the lateral, the “LMNTE” pulls out all the stops to complete another striking addition to the growing Boost 380 portfolio.

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