The festive season is well and truly in full swing. Office parties, end of year pub trips and the requisite family visits are all either happening right now or in your immediate future. 

Here’s a little helping hand if you’re wanting to make sure you don’t put your foot in it, style wise. 

For Glitz and Glamour

If your party attire calls for something that puts you adjacent to the tinsel in terms of sparkle, then we’d suggest opting for a style from the plethora of mega-trending metallic sneakers. 

Not only does a pair of silvered shoes immediately give you the undeniable shine of the festive season, but the style is also the newest (and shiniest) trend that doesn’t look like it’s going to be slowing down any time soon. This is a sneaker you’ll be able to wear far beyond the Christmas season and get more wear out of than something bought specifically for your party. 

Whether you’re planning to go full disco ball and amp up the metallics in the rest of your look, or keep the sneakers as star of the show and keep the rest of your outfit more low-key, it’s hard to go wrong with something like the adidas x Wales Bonner Sambas or a pair of the Air Jordan 4 Frozen Moments for this kind of occasion. 

For Feasting with Friends

Not often an event that calls for you to go all out on the smarter end of the style spectrum, but a reason to dress up nonetheless. 

We’d suggest reaching for a stone-cold favourite here. Something that makes you feel put together and suitably on-trend without being something too outlandish. New Balance’s 550 silhouette is a great option for this kind of inbetween. This is a style that’s evolved from new kid on the block to must-have and has settled into very much a wardrobe staple. 

Going low-key doesn’t mean you have to shy away from the festivity of it all however, having a nod to classic Christmas colours is a great way to being a bit of the season into your style. 

For The On-theme Office Do

We’ve all had that email at least once — the office wide call to wear something ‘christmassy’ to the party can be slightly dread inducing unless you love wearing highly flammable novelty jumpers that play a tinny version of jingle bells. 

Instead, go for a pair of sneakers that give you the festive flair to meet dress-code requirements but without any 3D snowmen in sight. A pair of Nike Dunks in a mix of red and white do this expertly, add a paper crown fresh from a cracker and some tinsel draped around your neck and no one can accuse you of spoiling the mood. 

For Family Festivities 

This is where you can really dial up the cosiness. 

The pressure is off, the dress code is casual and you can really embrace the ‘hunker-down’ approach for your family get togethers. Maybe save the all-day-pj approach for the big day itself, but you can certainly look to the recent mule trend and styles like the UGG Tazz or Tasman slippers to give yourself a comfortable yet stylish feeling for an evening with your nearest and dearest. 

Make sure to keep at least some of your look a bit structured (think loose denim, and a relaxed but simple shirt or knit) if you’re going this route, to save yourself from looking severely underdressed. 

For Impressing the In-Laws

Less of a party, more of a rite of passage — if you’re spending time with your significant other’s family this Christmas and want to make the right impression, while still remaining true to yourself style wise, look no further than a pair of easy going, stylish icons like a the Air Jordan 4’s

Stick to a subtle colourway, something minimal based with accents of colour. This is a style that says ‘put together, but not flashy’, not drawing too much attention, but also not letting yourself fade into the furniture. 

Read the room a bit beforehand and double check with your partner that you’re not wildly off the mark in terms of dress code, otherwise you’re likely to never live it down.