Founded back in 1964, Nike has continually produced high-quality apparel, accessories and technology-driven trainer designs. Over the years, Nike has released sneakers tailored towards many different sports, with basketball silhouettes being the Oregon-based brand’s most talked about pairs. Two stand-out shoes geared towards the sport are the classic Nike Dunk and Air Jordan’s OG AJ1, which both share similar aesthetics at first glance.

The Nike Dunk was originally marketed towards college athletes when it launched in 1985. Released alongside the iconic ‘Be True To Your School’ campaign, the Dunk is typically crafted with premium leather and takes on a minimalistic design. Further detailed with signature Nike branding, the retro basketball sneaker has since received many modern updates, such as the Nike SB offering from the ‘90s and sought-after brand collaborations.

Unveiled in 1984 on the feet of Micheal Jordan himself, the Air Jordan 1 was released to the public in 1985. The silhouette that kickstarted the entire Air Jordan range, the AJ1 is also made using premium materials and touches of standard Nike branding. Available in a range of sought-after colourways, MJ’s Air Jordan 1 model has equally provided the base for many exciting collaborations — including Travis Scott, Dior and Off-White.

One major difference between the two trainers is the type of cushioning used, with the Dunk having standard comfort technology and the Air Jordan 1 showcasing the brand’s innovative Air cushioning. Made with slightly different paneling on their uppers, the Air Jordan 1 features specific Jordan branding that the Dunk doesn’t. Lastly, the two shoes offer distinctive shapes and dissimilar textured treads underfoot.

Two celebrated designs firmly rooted within both the sport and streetwear scenes, you simply can’t go wrong with the Dunk and Air Jordan 1 models. Whether you opt for the classic Dunk or the esteemed Air Jordan 1, both sneakers offer advanced cushioning, reliable construction and iconic basketball beginnings.