Sneakerheads around the world have always been able to rely on the industry giants to deliver hit after hit. Nike, Adidas, Vans, and Puma are all large brands which have gained cult followings among their sneaker-loving fans. Reebok, which was owned by Adidas for fifteen years until just this month when it was sold to Authentic Brands Group. Reebok have delivered some classic sneakers in the past, and they look set to repeat this once again with an iconic new range inspired by collaboration with tennis brand Prince Sports. The collab with Prince has produced some additional colourways to the well-known Reebok Club C range. Four, to be precise.

The first two sneaker pairs are bringing a twist on the classic plain-white tennis sneaker. The Prince x Reebok Club C Revenge Mint and Revenge Yellow colourways deliver a white midsole, white heel tab, and Reebok’s classic double lines adorning the sneakers, also in white. The Revenge Yellow covers the rest of the sneaker in a bright, sunny yellow, with the Prince x Reebok branding in a solid blue. The sneakers also have a splash of blue on the tongue and heel brandings and green insoles! The Revenge Mint, on the other hand, splits the remaining colour into a – you guessed it – mint green, accented with a mild, pastel pink across the outsoles, lining the tongue, and on the brandings.

The following two colourways bring us back to a more classic tennis sneaker feel. The Prince x Rebook Club C 85 White Yellow and Chalk Rose Rage come on a slightly different Club C silhouette and both of these colourways feature white across the majority of the shoe. The White Yellow colourway comes in all white with yellow outsoles and a neat yellow stripe across the tip of the tongue. Beyond that there is no colouring other than the blue of the brandings found on the Revenge Yellow! The Chalk Rose Rage delivers similar, with an all-white body framed by pink outsoles, pink brandings, with a turquoise strip atop the tongue.

These four new pairs of sneakers are being released within just a few hours of this being written, due at 11pm this evening, so if you’re reading this, you’ll be able to grab yourself any of the pairs right now! They are due to enter the market at £85 per pair, so as far as sneakers go they’re in the cheaper range.