In case you didn’t notice, New Balance has absolutely stolen the show this year. From the Aimé Leon Dore collab to the resurgence of the 992s this summer, the Boston-born brand has taken over Instagram feeds and shoe collections across the globe. 2021 has seen certain New Balance sneakers sell out like never before, making it harder for you to get your hands on the styles you love. So, we’ve finally added New Balance to Laced, so you can add those 327s, 550s and 991s to your collection at long last. 

We know buying sneakers at resell can seem tricky, but trust us – it’s easy peasy! To guide you through the process, we’ve answered all the questions you may be asking yourself. So you can browse, buy and sell your New Balance without breaking a sweat. 

What New Balance can I buy on Laced?

Right now, you can buy New Balance 550s, NB827, New Balance 992, 327, New Balance 990s and 2002Rs on Laced. But we’re always adding new silhouettes to the site! If you have a particular style you want to sell but you can’t find it on Laced, simply head to this link to request that it be added. 

Are the sneakers on Laced real?

No fakes here! Our dedicated team of expert authenticators ensures each and every pair is thoroughly checked, ensuring you only get 100% authentic, box-fresh pairs every single time. We believe in quality, so we also check every pair for any signs of wear and tear – because you deserve perfection. 

My size New Balance isn’t in stock, what should I do?

Sizes sell out super quick, especially for the New Balance bestsellers. To make sure you get the chance to bag your size, head to the product page of the sneaker you want and click “Send Notification When Your Size Is Available”. This will allow you to sign up for an alert as soon as your size becomes available. 

How long will it take for my New Balance sneakers to arrive?

Your order should arrive within six working days. However, during especially busy periods (like Christmas), it can take up to 14 days – because we want to make sure each and every pair gets thoroughly checked!

How do I know what size New Balance to get?

We understand that finding the right size can be tricky! So, we’ve created a New Balance size guide that you can find here. If you want to be extra, extra certain, you can always head into a store to try a pair of the same silhouette on before ordering.