Yeezy’s popularity is evident: not only can you see them being worn all around the world, but sales of the coveted adidas looks have catapulted Kanye West himself from a $50m hole to a billionaire in just a matter of years.

It feels as though Yeezy have barely been on the scene five minutes, but in a relatively short amount of time they have become one of the best-selling footwear brands of the 21st Century.

The Yeezy collection has grown rapidly, introducing plenty of legendary designers along the way, such as Christian Tresser and Steven Smith to help create innovative designs and colourways that have built up the Yeezy silhouettes with colour schemes to suit every taste in each and every category.

2020 has been a big year in expanding the Yeezy catalogue with plenty of new colourways and even some brand new looks for fans to buy. We’ve taken a look back at some of the best selling Yeezys so far this year:

Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN Triple Black

The 700 first appeared two years ago with the Wave Runner and has since gone on to branch out into four other variations – one of which is the 700 MNVN. Built upon the 700 cushioned Boost sole, that gives the shoe its famous chunky aesthetic – a look that caught a lot of attention in 2019, when the ‘dad at the BBQ’ look had its renaissance.

The 700 MNVN built its own narrative, however, by introducing its own Yeezy style to the chunky look and implementing its own tech with the 3M detailing. The “Triple Black” look is one of four colourways released so far in 2020; the other three being the ‘Bone”, “Orange” and “Phosphor”, but it is the blackout look which caught the attention of fans and became a must have Yeezy look.

Adidas Yeezy QNTM

Yeezy’s attempt at dipping his creative toe into the turbulent waters of the NBA, where Nike has held the mantle as king of the basketball shoe for decades led to the creation of the Yeezy QNTM.

To break into the basketball world required something special and the announcement for the shoe was an unusual attempt that saw Kanye and DJ Khaled exchange the shoes on a private jet runway. From that day fans were stuck in limbo, eagerly awaiting an announcement of a date when they too could land a pair for themselves.

The shoe made a debut at the All-Star Weekend 2020 where Yeezy had pairs hand delivered free of charge. From there, those pairs found a way onto the resale market where they averaged prices over $700.

The reflective, high ankled QNTM is now more readily available to Yeezy fans, at a price.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cinder

The 350 started in 2016 with the “Beluga” and since then, there have been colourways dropping left, right and centre, helping cement the 350 V2 as the best selling Yeezy silhouette of all time.

Darker colourways are always popular releases. In 2020 the “Cinder” colour scheme for the Boost 350 V2 was another dark colourway which didn’t go full black but instead settled for an earthier, browner colouring that sways between black and charcoal under different lighting.  

The “Cinder” is a perfect demonstration of how sleek and elegant the 350 can look when it is decked out in muted tones rather than the vibrant neons and reflective materials of other more in your face colourways.

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Cinder” was by far 2020’s most sought after colourways from the Yeezy collection and we expect that trend to continue on for the rest of the year. It is gong to take some beating, but we have no doubt that adidas and Ye will be working on plenty more looks to try and dethrone it.

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