“AIR WORM”. The Off-White x Jordan collaboration we need.

The Worm, better known as Dennis Rodman, was a cult hero for many in the ’90s with his flamboyant style and playboy lifestyle. But he was way ahead of the curve when it came to being yourself and often found himself on the end of criticism for the dyed hair or painted nails he sported. He was an enigma, commonly referred to as weird or eccentric. While the NBA enforced strict dress code rules for players, Rodman decided to be who he wanted to be, dressing in drag on the red carpet, then slippers on the way to a game. 

The release of “The Last Dance” was to meant to highlight the unbelievable accomplishments of Michael Jordan, which it did. However, The Worm found himself in the headlines again, this time with praise from his peers and fans. 

In today’s world, nobody would even blink at the thought of a male celebrity dressed in a gender-blending look. Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert come to mind. But during the 90s when Rodman was at the peak of his superstardom, countless tattoos and face piercings were far from the norm. Rodman’s love affairs with Madonna and Carmen Electra skyrocketed his profile, as did his short but sweet appearance in wrestling with the NWO in WCW. But make no mistake about it, it was his dominance on the basketball court and his off the court behaviour that won us all over. 

In a 1997 interview with USA Today, Rodman gave the following quote:

“I just took the chance to be my own man. I just said: ‘If you don’t like it, kiss my ass…’ I’m the guy who’s showing people, ‘Hey, it’s all right to be different.'”

A quote that still rings true today, some 23 years later. 


It turns out that not only did Rodman’s fans rekindle their love for him during the release of the documentary. Off-White CEO and Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Virgil Abloh also took note. 

Rodman took to Instagram on Sunday 19th July to thank Virgil. Also sharing the care package sent to the NBA Hall of Famer. 


Virgil sent Rodman three of his most hyped collaborations from his on-going tenure with Nike and the Jordan Brand. The Off-White™ x Nike Air Jordan 1 “UNC, and the Off-White™ x Nike Air Max 97 in Serena Williams “Queen” and “Black” colourways. 

Rodman goes on to thank Virgil, who has customised the boxes with the word “TEAMMATES”. He also added WORM to the classic “AIR” print on the heel of the sneakers. 

Virgil goes on to comment on the post, saying:

“REAL LEGENDS DESERVE REAL THINGS. We, as a culture, owe you! It’s nothing but my pleasure.”

It is great to see Dennis Rodman finally getting the acknowledgement he deserves for the impact he has made on the fashion industry and culture today. Even if it did take 20 plus years and a documentary to reignite the discussion. 

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