Air Force 1 VTF goes viral

Nike’s newest addition to their popular Air Force 1 range has gone viral, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. The Air Force 1 VTF for kids has been receiving considerable flack for its reported similarities to everyone’s Dad’s favourite gardening shoes, Crocs. VTF, more like WTF! This model reworks the classic and timeless silhouette into something that visually misses the mark by quite some way. Retaining the iconic shape but infusing it with a slingback design. Which epitomises the phrase “business up front, party in the back”. Except it is a party no one wants to go to.

Nike say the elastic strap back is so kids can easily get the shoe on and off, but how difficult is it really to slip on a regular Air Force 1 Low? In my opinion, this is quite possibly one of the worst ideas Nike have ever had. An Air Force 1 sandal of sorts; who in their right mind would want to have that much of their sock or foot on show? The Air Force 1 VTF in fact has caused such a stir in the Laced office, that we have decided to highlight what we believe to be the 5 worst trainers of all time. Some of them, you won’t even believe.

Air Force 1 VTF

Nike Air Rift, mind the gap

Speaking of bad Nike ideas, the Nike Air Rift is one of the worst I have ever seen. Debuting in 1996 Nike made their first foray into what they called footwear promoting natural motion. What they actually ended up creating was a Velcro strapped camel toe for your foot. Supposedly inspired by the efficient style of Kenyan barefoot distance runners, aesthetically the Nike Air Rift comes in last. I wouldn’t even know where to begin styling this shoe, and yes you might say it is a performance shoe exclusively, but regardless, I don’t know anyone who’d rock this toe sock of a Nike trainer.

Fila Disruptor II

From the mid 90s to 2019. the Fila Disruptor II is quite possibly the most popular shoe on this list, but also one I hold special disdain for. Born out of the “Dad Shoe” movement which has been popularized by the rise of shoes like the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner in 2018. Make no mistake about it however, the Fila Disruptor II is nowhere near that level. The adopted trainer for the hipster super breed of teen girls, you can find these shoes anywhere you care to look. Chunky, ugly, and with quite possibly the application of a jagged teeth outsole I have ever seen. It might be an unpopular opinion, but for me the Fila Disruptor II is the worst attempt at jumping on a bandwagon I have seen.

NikeLab x Undercover Gyakusou Veil Runner

Sideshow Bob’s running shoes, you can’t argue the NikeLab x Undercover Gyakusou Veil Runner doesn’t look like clown feet. Everything from the sock dart laceless construction, to the chunky midsole. This Veil Runner most certainly has come from the NikeLab, and looks like the result of an experiment gone wrong. The main selling point of these performance runners is its water repellent finish as a result of the material it is made from, but it doesn’t redeem it from being one of the ugliest around.

COMME des Garcons x Nike Presto Tent

COMME des Garcons and their ongoing collaborations with Nike have produced some of the worst trainers of recent years, and one of their worst ideas has to be the Nike Presto Tent. Quite literally taking the OG Presto camping, this turquoise and grey model looks like a space helmet for a dodgy 80’s Sci-Fi adventure and not only is it an eye sore, but is almost impossible to style. Believe me, we tried. I’m all for innovation, but some ideas should stay as exactly that, ideas!

Air Force 1 VTF
COMME des GARCONS X aIR fORCE 1 low ’07 ‘blue dinosaur’

Bringing this list round full circle. Ending as we began with an Air Force 1, we have another offering from COMME des Garcons. This time disrespecting the timeless classic which is the Air Force 1 silhouette by bolting a Blue Dinosaur to its toe box. Why they thought it was a good idea I will never know. As on this white model the blue looks like someone has stuck a lump of bubble gum to the front of your ultra clean Air Force 1. Definitely doing more aesthetic harm than good.

Air Force 1 VTF

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