Although perhaps not as internationally recognisable as the Nike Air Jordans range, Nike’s partnership with NBA Star LeBron James has still delivered some iconic silhouettes and colourways over the years. Back in 2009 sneakerheads got a glimpse at a never-released design of the Nike LeBrone 6s, inspired by the well known and loved adult animated series, Family Guy. Rumours of a re-release kicked off in 2018 when LeBron was seen sporting a pair during practice and fellow NBA star PJ Tucker wore a pair during a game on Christmas Day.

These cell-shaded sneakers allude to Stewie Griffin’s iconic outfit – comprised of red overalls with a yellow undershirt and pale blue shoes – at every possible opportunity. The original LeBron 6s displayed a glossy, smooth finish with the iconic vivid red, yellow and blue combination complete with an imitation overall button on each toe. The laces and midsole take on the blue from Stewie’s shoes while bold thick black outlines each detail, adding to the animated aesthetics of these gorgeous sneakers.

The new LeBron 18s brings all of this and more! Opting for a textured, criss-cross pattern over a smooth finish, Nike have delivered a clean reinvention of this colourway with an updated style that manages to retain the retro feel of the originals. The signature red, yellow and blue combination has been kept, complete with fake “reflections” on the toe. The fake overall button has also been kept, but an even more striking zig-zag pattern has been chosen to replace the previously straight-edged frame around the laces and tongue. Nike have chosen a smaller swoosh to adorn the side but kept the classic thick black lines that give these sneakers their animated feel.

The LeBron “Stewie Griffin” sneakers – both the exclusive Le Bron 6s from back in 2009 and the nearly-released 18s about to hit the market – capture the essence of the animation style of Family Guy and its sister shows American Dad and The Cleveland Show perfectly and would be perfect for sneakerheads and animation fans alike!

The Nike LeBron 18 “Stewie Griffin” colourway is due to hit the shelves on September 3rd so don’t miss out! The best place to find your next pair of sneakers without release day stress is the Laced resale market, check it out today!