Sneakerheads and watch collectors have a certain amount of crossover between the two fanbases, and plenty of sneakerheads love stylising themselves with a watch to match their favourite Air Jordans or Yeezy sneakers. The perfect sneaker-watch combination will ensure colour coordination and attention to detail in how the styles interact. This week we’re going to look at one perfect combination in the Air Jordan 1 High OG ‘Not for Resale’ sneakers in Yellow, and the Breitling Superocean 46mm Blacksteel Yellow Dial watch.

The Breitling Superocean series are as comfortable paired with a sharp business suit as they are with a diver’s wet suit! This gorgeous watch is waterproof up to 2000 meters so is perfect for diving, surfing, or swimming. It features a bright yellow face with pale ivory numbers and notches. The Blacksteel model comes with an all-black DLC-coated brushed steel case with matching black rubber strap which can be optionally swapped out for the blue strap if desired. The 46mm dial has a chunky feel to it and the numbered bezel comes with a serrated edge for easy grip.

The Air Jordans are definitely not waterproof, so please don’t try your next dive in a pair! But otherwise, they work as a striking pairing with this beautiful watch. These limited edition Air Jordan 1 OGs come with a black and white body with bright yellow detailing around the outsole and collar. The bold black lettering printed on the white midsole reads “NOT FOR RESALE” while huge white block text on the heel reads “NO PHOTOS” across the two sneakers. These Jordans deliver a loud, in-your-face style that perfectly compliments the bold, chunky statement of the Breitling.

This is a unique Watch-Sneaker Combo pairing for those looking to make a statement with the finer details of their apparel and would fit beautifully with a yellow-black coordinated outfit. This style is also very versatile and whether you’re rocking a black suit and shirt with a bright yellow tie and pocket square or a black and yellow side-striped tracksuit, this combo will add the final touch to your look.