This week we see the return of a collaboration that never seems to miss. Nike and Stussy have again joined forces for the release of a sneaker and apparel. The sneaker in question? The Stussy x Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Caged 2 Kukini. The shoe looks similar to the hugely successful Spiridon release we saw in April this year. However, it features the webbing made famous on the Nike Kukini. This silhouette does come in two classic colourways, one white and habanero red, the other black and cactus green. 

I can’t help thinking, did Stussy and Nike need to mess with the design after the massive success of the first drop? Nevertheless, I don’t love the web design over the sneaker, but I guess only time will tell. 

So what are our favourites?

In honour of this great partnership returning once more, we are taking a look at the seven of our favourite Stussy x Nike collaborations over the years. Some of these collaborations had enormous hype around them, whereas others are just great-looking sneakers. Let us know if you agree with the list below, or if there’s a particular collab you loved that we missed off! 


Stussy x Nike Dunk High World Tour Pack

The first silhouette we are going to take a look at takes us back to 2006 and the release of the Stussy x Nike Dunk World Tour Pack. The sneaker came dressed in four colourways. As the name suggests, the silhouettes acknowledged specific locations. The locations represented were Los Angeles, London, New York and Tokyo. Each of these Cities had the opportunity to create their own Stussy World Tour t-shirt too, with over forty artists taking part.

The colourways were olive for New York, brown for London, white for Tokyo and black for Los Angeles. The design of the shoe also featured the renowned Stussy World Tour print embossed on both the toe box and side panelling. 

The World Tour pack did not just feature Dunk Highs, however, with a Nike Free Trail 5.0 and Nike Trainer Dunk Low also dropping.

Stussy x Nike SB Zoom Blazer Lance Mountain Pack

Next up is the Lance Mountain Blazer pack that released just a few years ago in 2018. This collab featured two colourways, one high in gold and black, and a low in black and green. 

The classic colourways were sure to be a hit as soon as they came out. Especially with skateboarding royalties Lance Mountain’s name on it. What made this silhouette stand out for me was the option of customising the Highs with leopard print stencils supplied in the box. 

The inclusion of the stencils is a real nod to the character of Mountain, known for his creative flair and customisation of apparel and skateboards. 

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Stussy x Nike Air Huarache Light

The Stussy x Nike Air Huarache Light to this day is one of the rarest Stussy collaborations to date. The sneaker released way back in 2003 in two colourways, orange and grey and black and green. What makes the sneaker so rare is that Nike only produced a few pairs of these with the Stussy logo embroidered on the side of the shoe. These were only for friends and family for promotional purposes. 

These promotional sneakers were the first time that Nike had put other companies branding on one of their silhouettes. Unfortunately, the shoes didn’t get clearance for resale and remained merely as a marketing tool. 

Stussy x Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 Pack 

The latest instalment of the legendary Stussy x Nike collaborations saw Stussy take over the Spiridon silhouette. 

The sneaker was initially teased by A$AP Mob member A$AP Nast back in March of this year. He shared on foot images of a fossil colourway and a silver and black version. We then saw an official release in April, and of course, they were an instant sell-out. 

Stussy revitalised an old Nike Sportswear model when creating the Spiridon Cage 2, with the original Spiridon releasing way back in 2003. The Stussy branding is present throughout the sneaker, featuring on the toe box, heel and tongue. 

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Stussy x Nike Air Max 95

The Air Max 95 is a hugely important sneaker to many, myself included. Its presence in the UK Garage and Grime scene further justifies the ‘110’s importance to me. This is one of the many reasons I love this silhouette. The 95 also holds great significance in New York’s underground music scene, which is why this collaboration made perfect sense.

With both Stussy and Nike celebrating an anniversary back in 2015, they thought a collaboration on the Air Max 95 fit perfectly. They released in three great colourways, Black, Blue and Olive Green, all featuring a white sole. The simple design of the sneaker coincides with the minimal Stussy branding throughout, merely featuring the double S logo on the tongue. This design also had a neoprene tongue, a nod towards the brands’ first collaboration back in 2000. 

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Stussy x Nike Air Huarache LE

This collaboration is where it all started for Nike and Stussy. A coming together of the minds between Stussy’s Michael Koppelman and Nike’s legendary Fraser Cooke. The concept behind this shoe was to design two creative colourways of their favourite Nike running shoe, which just happened to be the Air Huarache. They went on to produce these in limited numbers and sell exclusively at the London Stussy store. Little did Fraser and Michael know they were starting a tradition that would continue to push boundaries and define what sneaker collaborations are. The Stussy Huarache Light may be regarded as the rarest due to their friends and family status. But make no mistake this sneaker is also extremely tough to find. 

The two silhouettes came in beautiful colourways. One featuring suede dessert oak brown, the other in dark olive suede with yellow and white accents. A certified grail. If you manage to find this sneaker for sale, be prepared to spend thousands to pry them away from the seller. 

Stussy x Nike Dunk SB Low ‘Cherry’

Finally, Where else could this list end. There was no way we could make a list of our favourite Stussy x Nike collaborations and ignore the ‘Cherry’. 

The ‘Cherry’, releasing in 2005, seems to be on every sneakerheads list of grails and for a good reason. The colourways inspiration? Neopolitan ice cream, which seems obvious when you see the striking brown, pink and white combination throughout. The tongue even features a cherry in the same way you will often find on top of ice cream sundaes. 

Stussy has deep roots when it comes to creating out of the box colourways for their Nike collaborations. By the time of this release, they had already dropped multiple defining sneaker collaborations with the sportswear giant. None of their collabs, however, had quite the impact on sneaker and streetwear culture as the ‘Cherry’ did. 

Although the shoe has always had a place in avid collectors hearts, it has recently seen a surge in popularity due to the likes of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott wearing them. If you wanted to pick up a pair today, you would be looking to spend anywhere between £1500-£2000 for the pleasure of owning these. 

So there you have it, some of our favourite Stussy x Nike collaborations to date. We are looking forward to seeing what else these streetwear and sportswear giants continue to create.

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